How To Fix Shockwave Flash Crash Problems In Your Internet Browser

How To Fix Shockwave Flash Crash Problems In Your Internet Browser

So what is a Shockwave Flash crash? How does it occur in your browser? Whenever such a problem crops up it indeed becomes very difficult when the videos which you wish to see are not playing on the internet. The problem can mainly be due to some sort of an error with the Shockwave Flash plug-in or even with regards to some of the settings in your operating system/browser. In order to eliminate this problem, you will have to maintain your PC and even perform some sort of maintenance on it so as to get rid of such crashes.


It may be possible that the plug-in contains many different types of o repair Flash and Active-X components as they are the ones who  and they are the ones who are coming in conflict with each other resulting in the content of Flash to crash on internet browsers.

Closure of all other application programs

As part of your first step, you must close of the all other applications which are running on your computer. Your next step would be to disable internet usage for some time. Now you should open the browser  in Chrome and type about: plug-in in the URL’s address bar. You will be able to get a list of all the plug-ins and it will be from there that you will be able to disable the Shock wave Flash.

Reconnecting to the internet

On having disabled Flash, reconnect to the internet. You should now download a good system cleaning tool which will be able to repair Flash, Active-X as well as the many of the other registry errors causing Chrome Flash player to crash.

Un-installation Procedure

In the third step, you should uninstall the Shock wave Player which you are using at the present from your Personal computer. Make use of Adobe’s official Uninstaller tool which will be able to eradicate the Flash player components from your computer.


With the help of the above mentioned guide, you will be able to learn how to use the official Adobe Uninstaller tool to completely remove the Flash components from your system. It is very necessary that you remove it completely so as to solve the issue of Chrome Flash player crash.



Run the system cleaner

When the program has been removed from your computer, you are ready to run your computer’s system cleaner as well as the registry repair scan. When you run the cleaner, it will eliminate the registry keys of Flash from your computer’s Windows registry.

Re-installation process

You are now ready to reinstall the latest version of the player which can be got from the official website of Adobe.


After the above mentioned step, you are now ready to make an update of your sound drivers. You can do this as stated here:

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Locate where the sound-card device has been installed
  3. Uninstall the drivers for this particular device
  4. Restart your computer to updated drivers.

By making use of the above mentioned guidelines, it will let you take measures so that you are able to find an easy solution to the problem. With the help of an excellent Registry Cleaner software such as the RegIn Out, it will be possible for you to have a simple solution. This software will be able to fix your Windows Registry and also it would help to speed up your computer and at the same time keep your Windows properly maintained.



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