How to stop autoplay videos in webpages

How to stop autoplay videos in webpages


So, you are fed up with those unwanted videos which you are not intended to open and play in web pages. Many websites nowadays are there to possess web pages to host autoplay videos; this is definitely annoying to list sounds and music in your computer during web browsing when you are literally not intended to listen the music. Secondly, people running internet with limited data in their internet pack will not like to spare their net data in watching unwanted videos. Here is the way to stop autoplaying videos in web pages in Google Chrome, Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

How to stop autoplay video in internet explorer?

It is really a simple task to stop autoplaying videos in internet explorer. You need nothing to do but to go to menu at the top of the window, then click on tools and then select manage add-ons. You should be assured about selection of extensions and toolbars on the left of the manage add-ons dialogue box. The list will take a few moments to appear. Check out for the Shockwave Flash Object which will be found within Adobe and probably be listed at the top. Double click this option. You will see a dialogue box as a result where you need to click upon remove all sites. Now, close all the dialogue boxes; you will see that either the flash windows are appearing blank or they don’t appear at all. An option of ‘allow flash to play’ will be seen at the lower pane of the window where you should click ‘X’ to say ‘No’.

How to stop autoplay video in Google Chrome?

If you are willing to stop unwanted videos from autoplaying, you should just go to the menu option and select settings at the upper right corner. At the below of the same page, you will see an option show advanced settings. Click there to find privacy section by scrolling further. You will see a button content settings; a dialogue box will appear when you click on it. Then find the plug in section by scrolling down and select ‘click to play’. Choose done option at the lower pane. Further always, a flash window will appear with an icon in the central part. Whenever, you want to see a video, you need nothing but just clicking on the box.

How to stop autoplay video in Mozilla Firefox?

The process of stopping autoplaying of videos in Mozilla Firefox is simple and easy. You need just to visit to the address bar by pressing ctrl+L, then type in the URL about:addons. Choose plugins option at the left side and find Shockwave Flash within the list of plugins. Now, select always activate menu on the right and select ask to activate there. When you select the allow option, you will see two options allow now or allow and remember. By clicking on allow now, you will be able to allow it simply.

So this is all about stopping videos from autoplay in the most popular web browsers.

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