DJ Mixer Express – Easy DJ Mixing Software

Hello Freaks, how’s everyone doing today? We have come with a solution to one of the most frequently asked question in our website about how can we mix music and videos like a pro. You guys can go to Youtube or vimeo or vine or any other online video streaming website and noticed people are using music in their background which sounds many music are mixed together. Now you guys might be thinking that you will have to be a pro or maybe you need some expensive equipments and softwares to make some originals like that. But what if we tell you that we have come up with a solution which can make you a pro within hours.

That’s right, it is possible and this is where DJ Mixer Express comes into play.

What is DJ Mixer Express?

DJ Mixer Express is an easy DJ missing software and it is one of the easiest way for anyone to create flawless music and video mixes. This is totally newbie friendly but it has inbuilt features which can make you a pro in mixing.

Main Features of DJ Mixer Express:

  1. Automix Feature – which means you can automatically mix your current list with seamless DJ style transitions with just a single click of your mouse.
  2. Mixing video and karaoke is easy with DJ Mixer Express. That’s correct; not only video but also you can mix videos with this software.
  3. This software is integrated with iTunes so need to worry if you are an apple user.
  4. Supports in both Windows 7 and Mac
  5. You can fade the pitch with Keylock function which can adjust the pitch of a track without changing its tone.
  6. You can loop and cue the beat segments with a click of a button of your mouse which let you mix your tracks even easily.
  7. It has the ability to mix videos to external devices such as monitor, TV and projector while maintaining the video mix preview interface on your system.
  8. Increasing or decreasing the tempo speed is possible too with this software. You can temporarily increase or decrease the speed of tracks.
  9. Track preview function is preinstalled in this software as well so that you can quickly test your work to give you the best experience.
  10. It has the ability to sync 2 tracks instantly which means you can use 2 tracks as one using this software.
  11. Several audio effects are preinstalled in this software including some popular effects like echo, robot, reverse and so on.

Not only that, it has several addition features. So we will urge you to go to their official website and checkout their software and have fun with it.

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