How to turn off Windows Defender’s enhanced notifications in Windows 10

Full Processes of doing the job of How to turn off Windows Defender’s enhanced notifications in Windows 10

Windows Defender is a built-in antivirus in Windows ten which has got a new feature of improved notifications. It will be very useful for users who like to get transparency services. These activities are performed by Windows Defender to keep the transparency about all background activities. In this article, the full process of steps has been giving in which it shows How to turn off Windows Defender’s enhanced notifications in Windows 10.


What are enhanced notifications?

The notifications for Windows are only available for testers in the program of Insider Preview. All the Window users will get the updates once the Anniversary Updates have been rolled out on 02 August. The primary job of Windows Defender’s enhanced notifications in Windows 10 is to keep your updated with the full system of your Windows operating system and your device as well. If you are checking the information regularly then you will get all the information in Action Center. All the enhanced notifications are immaculate and the best way to manage your tabs about all your PC conditions. Some the PC users want to deactivate them, and other may want to do just opposite of it.

Process of enabling and disabling enhanced notifications for Window Defender

  1. Click on setting option of Setting App. It can be done by clicking on Start Menu.
  2. Click on Update and security option inside setting
  3. Click on Window Defender inside Update and Security from the left-hand sidebar.
  4. Scroll down from the right-hand side to figure out Enhanced notifications.
  5. The moment you get it the Windows 10 tells you about enhanced notifications are activated.
  6. Then Windows Defender Notifications ensure the full status of your PC.
  7. Sometimes you get critical warnings if the window defender is turned off.
  8. You have to switch it on for receiving the notifications from Windows Defender.
  9. You have to switch it off if you want to disable them.

The Windows Defender’s enhanced notifications in Windows 10 can help you to get updated about the health issues of PC. It keeps your PC in good condition and keeps you always informed about the full PC status. The processes of doing How to turn off Windows Defender’s enhanced notifications in Windows 10 are very comfortable and user-friendly for all types of users. It keeps your system safe and saves it from virus and other types of malware which can affect your PC. Sometimes it removes the data from your computer automatically which is very harmful to the office PC.  Window users can use it as security option and save their PC from any massive loss. It keeps all internal equipment in working conditions and does not let them get affected by the Trojan virus and different types of malware. This feature is one of the best features to get the information about the bad sectors of your desktop PC and keep you alert about the present status of the desktop personal computer.


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