How to customize or silence Chromebook notifications

Customizing the chrome book notification is very essential in this age where we are so frequently using this web page. We already have a loading of information’s, advertisements or offers coming on various ethical gadgets like the phone, tablets or other means of communication and there is no need for us to have an extra set of notifications on our chrome book as well. We should understand the various ways as to how should be silence it so that we do not have to face more problematic situations.


As we have the ‘do not disturb’ modes in the various channels of communications like on our mobile connections, similarly, we can follow some very simple and easy steps and switch off the notifications or completely silence them. Google chrome is one of the most widely used webpage now. It is found almost on any of the gadgets available with each and every person in the world. Thus some simple processes would free us from the troubles and hassles of the notifications we would otherwise receive in every minute and hour.

For completely turning of the notifications we should find out where are the taskbar on the webpage and the click on it. An array of options will pop up from where we have to choose the setting option and then move on to the notification menu where we would come across a bell sign on which if we click, a cross would appear and the notifications would be shut down which would spare us and provide us with all the peace required by us.

However if we have to stop only some notifications from particular fields then again we would have to click on the notifications tool on the menu and click on setting where we have a wide option to choose from as to which option we have to quit and which notification we should let it be. with technological advancements we see that there if we shut down the notifications a system of push button message is introduced from which also trouble us to a great extend. We can shut this off as well by going to the notification menu and shutting off the messages which continuously cause trouble to us.

We should not worry or panic if we cannot see those notifications again. That is really not a big issue. It is easily available at our fingertips and we can get back the notifications if so desired. For thus we would come across options present on the task bar .these are nothing but the notifications itself. If we click on them, we would see that various notifications regarding sports, news, sales, fashion etc is presented before us. Whatever we click on gets displayed and we can enjoy it thoroughly as per our need and requirements. We should just know and remember that nothing is impossible everything is available at our fingertips and with the push of just one button or a click.

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