5 Things You can do with a second Internal Drive.

A second internal drive has become very important part of our computer system today. It is small hard disk component, easily available anywhere in the market and can be put easily in any computers, notebooks or tablets. A second drive is not a burden or anything as such. Infect it is a good way as it makes way for more storage system in our personal computers. In this way we can store more movies, games and other things on our laptops and our computers. There are many available options in front of us but it is very important for us you know what exactly we can do with our second internal drive so that we can utilize it to the fullest and mobilize it in the correct way.


We need to first make sure whether our earlier files have been backed up so that we do not lose any of our files while inserting the second hard disk drive. We have to make sure that all the power supplies are correct and are plugged in properly so that there are no disruptions in between. The place for the second disk has been provided thus we should place it over there and then check the BIOS so that it is configured it properly and placed in the disk accordingly. We should check appropriately whether it is configured or not and the formant and portion the hard disk along with second internal drive.

After setting it in there are various things we can do with our second internal drive:

  • All the data files and the window files should be put in different files altogether. It is recommended to keep it distinct from one another because if it is stored under the same file it would cause us difficulty in the future. It should not put in the same SSD as it would cause us inconvenience in the future.
  • The operating system can experimented with in various possible and effective ways. We should ensure that we have an extra drive available with us and if not we can always by it so that our operation systems can be tested with. Experimentation would help us to broaden our own knowledge as in this way we would acquire some knowledge so as to how to use Linux or examine windows 10 system.
  • The drive we have just installed can be merged into one i.e. with the existing own which was already present. This will only happen if memory of both the drives is same and there is space on the motherboard. Then we can easily set up RAID 0, which would also make our computers very fast.
  • We should always make sure that we have a back up to all our files so that even if one system crashes down the other remains. This can be done if we create a thing called RAID 1 which would write the same thing on both the drives.
  • An external drive can be bought and set up in the computer through SATA-USB enclosure drive that very efficient can be accepted as a backup.

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