How to set up battery saver mode on Android 5.0 Lollipop

Do you want your smart phone’s battery to run for longer periods? If yes, then you need nothing but to choose the battery saver for Android Lollipop. It works well not only to increase your device’s run time but also to offer you access to your data for longer period. The best part of the process is that it needs nothing but a simple set up.


How does battery saver mode works?

In android phones, many apps often sync in background automatically and they bring new information from internet all the time. For instance, twitter and Gmail apps often give notification to you about the online going on activities such as someone mention you or re-tweet you. Battery saver does nothing but closes the function of these background apps and refreshes the performance of your phone. This is just like trading off for some processing and acceleration to your phone at least to keep it running till the time you get charger for it. Here is the whole process to set up batter saver mode for your android smart-phone.

How to set up batter saver mode?

It is not a tough task to set your phone in a battery saver mode because settings are too easy. Battery saver mode controls will be found in settings 5.pp. follow the steps given below to select battery saving mode in your phone –

  • Go to the setting app
  • Navigate the battery section
  • Go to the menu button
  • Tap the battery saver
  • Toggle simply to on or off the battery saver

If you want quick access to the battery saver mode, simply tap the battery percentage reading, this will lead you towards the quick setting menu. Here is the way to select batter saving mode directly through quick menu setting –

  • Swipe down to the notification menu
  • Find battery percentage among those notifications
  • Click ‘menu’ on battery icon
  • Tap on battery saver

Why to select battery saving mode?

The battery saving mode is awesome for the time where your battery run slow. When it becomes important for you to keep your device on and you are away from battery charger, enabling battery saver mode is good idea to extend the run time of your device over an hour. More to know about the devices using android 5.0 lollipop is that the function of batter saver is similar to LG, HTC and Samsung.

How to be assured that battery saver is working?

As soon as you set the battery saver mode ‘on’, you will see an orange bar at upper and lower sides of the screen. When you connect charger with your phone, the feature will turn off automatically and you will see the orange lines are disappeared.

This is how you can save battery of your phone even when you are out from the home or travelling. The best part of the scenario is that it takes only about 30 seconds to switch on the battery saver and you can be stress free about your device getting switched off.

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