How to Make your Phone Battery Last Longer


Having a good phone is good but to have a phone with a good battery life and backup is best for you. Phones have become an essential part and parcel for many of our lives. Also we can say that our connectivity to the other corner of the world is dependent on phones. More over the present young generation can’t survive without having the phone in their hands, due to its features and connectivity options it becomes the most dependable connectivity device. So it is equally important for us to have our phones ON at all times, for this very reason our phones battery life should be good, but in general that’s not the case with many of us.

Yes the smart phone consumes a lot of battery and at the end of the day many of us rush to charge our phones so that they don’t go off. Here are some of the ways by which you can increase the battery life you’re your phone.

Ways to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer:

  1. Decrease the Brightness of your Screen, by doing this a huge amount of battery can be saved from getting exhausted. The high contrast and brightness of the screen consumes high power and whenever we are at a place where there is no need of extra brightness we should always keep the brightness low this will definitely make a difference in the phones battery life.
  1. Turn off the unwanted and unnecessary animations which are not needed at all times. The animations such as scrolling, rolling of the screen can be disabled from the settings of the display which results in extended battery life.
  1. Switch off the GPS, when the GPS feature is on at the background it consumes a lot of data to keep a track over the phones location at all times. So when you disable the GPS feature of your phone your extra Data which was being consumed will also be saved along with the saved battery life.
  1. Update your phones app manually, you need to update the apps which are really essential and being used by you on regular basis, if the phone is on the Automatic Updated then it will always become short on battery as it will consume heavy amount of data even when you are not using it, the phone will run on the background and drain out the battery, updating the phone manually will help you to extend the battery backup of your phone.
  1. Disable the Background DATA, when your phone consumes Data it equally drains out your battery at a very high speed, so use the Data wisely when ever required and turn it off when your work is finished. When the data connection is ON then multiple apps becomes active in the background which you can’t keep a track of, so by disabling the data connection your battery will be saved from unnecessary wastage of battery and hence you will be getting some additional hours of using the phone as a result of it.

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