How to use two Whatsapp in one phone 2016 |Working Guide

How to use two whatsapp in one phone?

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Whatsapp has become a major app for communication among the users both young and old. Users are in love with it simple interface and easy to use messaging services. Within a very short period of its launch, Whatsapp has captured the imagination of the people. Almost everybody who has a Smartphone uses the application for sending messages however they have also noticed a very small glitch. Some people want to run multiple whatsapp accounts on the system but they are not aware how to accomplish the task. The application only allows one account on a Smartphone however there are few workaround that are mentioned below:

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1. How to use multiple whatsapp on Android Lollipop OS?

Users who want to hold multiple accounts on the Android Lollipop phone can use multi User feature offered by the underlying operating system. It is also possible with some of the customized ROMS available in the market.

As a part of the first step, invoke the multi user feature by clicking on the setting button and choosing add user from the users menu.

After clicking on the required option, set up the user account with complete information.

Switch to the new user by clicking on the new user icon. For the second user, a new interface is created with default settings.

You can install the whatsapp for the new user account.

After the application is installed, one can enter complete information for sending messages.

2. Avail Switch Me facility to execute multiple accounts:

It is a very important Android app that helps users to accomplish the same objective as the first method does. In order to facilitate working of application, the smart phone should be rooted.

User needs to install Whatsapp application on the smart phone. After executing the multiple accounts app, you should permit the super user request.

Once the task is completed, you should create an administrator account with customized apps and settings.

Click on create new profile option in the application and select the switch users button to create a new account.

You can later on Install whatsapp application from the Google play store and it will be up and running within no time.

Free version of the Switch me application helps in setting up two accounts however the premium version can create multiple accounts on the smart phone.

3. Download OGwhatsapp:

Before downloading OGwhatsapp, backup messages, videos and audio of the application. It can be used later on for the restoration.

The data of whatsapp should be removed by invoking the application from the apps menu.

You should rename the default file name with OGwhatsapp. It is possible to accomplish the task by using the file manager available with Android.

Install OGwhatsapp on the Android Smartphone and verify the previous number that you had with old whatsapp account.

In order to create second account, install fresh copy of the whatsapp from the Google play store. The above three methods can prove useful for the people who want to use multiple accounts of the chat application on a single phone.

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    Well, you can also use bluestack but that will be 1 in PC and 1 in phone.

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