How to use your Favorite Mobile Messaging service on your PC

Hey! Do you want to use your favorite mobile messaging service on your pc? But, you have no idea how to use it. Well. Check it out this post and know how you can use this popular mobile messaging app service on your PC.

Whatsapp on Pc

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No need of instruction. This messaging app service is the most popular service across the world. And this app is gaining popularity day by day. Recently, Fcebook owned this messaging service. In January, Facebook acquired whatsapp has started a web service. Unfortunately, it is not an independent web service at all. If you want to use this most popular messaging app on the web then you have to install this app on your Smartphone first. If you do not have this app on your Smartphone then you will not be able to use this very popular messaging service from the web. Apart from this, it is also very important that you must be connected to the internet; otherwise you won’t be able to use this service.


Another popular messaging app across the world is viber. Millions of users around the world are using this popular app for messaging and chatting. This popular app also has had a Windows desktop messaging app for around two to three years. Viber has also launched an app for Linux as well as Mac. But, if you want to use this messaging app on web, the same principle applied to this wonderful app as well. This app also cannot be used independently. If you really wish to use this popular app on the web then you have to install this app on your Smartphone first. Without installing this app on your phone, you will no longer be able to use this app on the web as well. So, install this app on phone first then enjoy this impresting app on web!

Facebook Messenger

Now you are thinking that you can easily access facebook from the web then whets the new in that? Well, there is an awesome surprise for you! And the surprise is company has launched new web messaging app recently. This new facebook launched messaging app is not very popular among the users, but it is gaining popularity day by day. Only few users are using this app recently, yet gaining popularity as well. It is very easy and simple to access this message app on the web. There is no need to do anything additional, if you have facebook account. Yes, if you already have facebook account then it is very easy to use this app. Just sign in with your account and you will use this app. But, if you don’t have an account then there is no need to worry about it! Simply make a facebook account on the web, use this app and enjoy!

So, these are the few popular mobile messaging service that can be used on your PC. Follow the steps and enjoy this amazing service!

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