Everything You Need to Know About Signal App

With every hour ticking away, we invite various online security risks these days. Whether you are chatting on social media platforms, using messaging apps like Whatsapp (which has the severity of risk factors), etc, someone is always there to trespass into your private territory.
Now just because you are not a technical geek, doesn’t mean that you should succumb to such risks.

Let me tell you HOW?

Signal Messaging Application is one such highly encrypted messaging platform, unlike Whatsapp, or any other social conferencing application, which has gained popularity exponentially in the recent few months.

Why Signal?

A very relevant question. Well, the app utilizes its own end-to-end encrypted protocol, open-source.
It’s not owned by a profitable organization like Facebook(owner of Whatsapp), etc, rather owned by a non-profitable organization (CEO Brian Acton, co-founder of Whatsapp).

Moreover, you don’t have to set up your settings for such an encrypted protocol after installation. You will find it enabled by default. As a result, no unwanted punks can drop into group chats, video conferencing without your permission.

Guess what? Suppose, you don’t want certain chats on spree, they can be disappeared with a certain feature. Cool, Right?
And since it’s an open-source tool, its source code audited on a regular basis.

How to Start Using Signal on your Phone?

Now, let’s start the real talk about the tool.
How to commence its usage.
Pretty Simple..@@#@@!

Step #1: Download the application to your preferred platform- iOS, Windows, Android, macOS.
NOTE: Make sure that you have got the application installed first on your Android before you wish to use it on your desktop of laptop. It will not work otherwise.

Step #2: Launch the tool and register with your accessible phone number.
One more Head’s up: Be sure before allowing the Signal app to access your personal contacts in the terms and conditions panel.

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Step #3: A verification code will be dispatched to your phone via SMS, or email.

Everything You Need to Know About Signal App (2)

Step #3: Enter the code into the code field, and you will be asked to create a PIN.

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Step #4: Give your details to generate a presentable profile like every other conversation, with profile pictures, background, etc.
And you are good to go.

How to Use Signal App on your Desktop or iPad?

Before we embark on this discussion, know for certain that the Signal application is yet to be featured on Android tablets.
So, download, install and do the regular configuration labor jobs during installation. Next, read the steps below.

Step #1: Open the app on your desktop or iPad and also on your phone at the same time.

Step #2: On your phone, tap the profile icon at the top right corner to go to settings.

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Step #3: Choose “Linked Devices”(Android) or “Link new device” (iOS).

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Step #4: A QR code will be shown on your desktop or iPad. Scan it with your phone and follow the prompts to complete the linking procedure.

Everything You Need to Know About Signal App (6)
And you are done!

How To Start Using Signal App

#1: Open the application and tap the pencil icon at the top left corner of its operating screen. It will open up your contact list and along with that, it will show the users who are available on the Signal app.

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#2: You can also find similar Signal app users who are currently not in your contacts by searching their phone numbers on the search field.

#3: To send an audio or video with encryption, choose the camera or call icon off the top right corner of the screen of a chatbox, and then add your audio or video. Tap “Send”.

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#4: To start a group to chat with multiple members, tap the pencil icon at the upper right corner and select “New Group”. Then proceed with adding members by selecting their names from your contact list.

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You can invite additional members by sending group links also to users.

#5: If you wish to hold your messages in the visible mode for a certain amount of time, then go to the “Settings” and toggle on the “Disappearing Messages” option. You can also select the time slot after which your messages will disappear all of their own accords. This feature helps you keep your share of your secrecy maintained given the chance someone takes advantage of your conversation later in the future.

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But there is still a chance of mishap if the recipient on the other side takes a screenshot immediately at any point.

Wrap Up:

Singal is the most popular messaging application which has taken its toll on staggering popularity in the recent few months, especially after the great inventor, business tycoon, and Philanthropist ELON MUSK endorsed the app in one of his interviews.
It is not possible to tie up the entire topic in this one article. If you are interested to know more about it, visit this site again. And you will find some new swashbuckling facts and hidden features about Signal next time in a brand new article.

Why not Now?
Well…………… To keep up the zeal alive.

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