Tricks to Learn Windows 10’s Touch pad Gestures for Laptops

When Microsoft introduced track-pad gestures in Windows 8, Windows changed for better. Due to these gestures, controlling your laptop was a very easy and enjoyable experience. These gestures worked efficiently without the need for mouse like buttons at the top of the touch area. When Windows 10 was launched, it not only integrated the existing gestures but also added new touch controls. You will need a precision touch pad to use these gestures on your laptop. This means that the older laptops will not be able to use these gestures. To find out if your laptop has a precision touch pad, go to Settings > Devices > Mouse and Touch pad. If you find the message “your PC has a precision touch pad”, then that means you can use these gestures on your laptop.

Microsoft has simplifies the touch swipe gestures. If you want a grid of most recently used apps, you have to swipe from left and if you swipe from right, you will see the notification center. If a Windows 10 app is full screen, swiping up from the bottom edge will bring up a hidden title bar or close an app.  If you want to scroll, then place two fingers on the touch pad and slide them horizontally or vertically. Placing two fingers on the touch pad and pinching in or stretching out will help you to zoom in or zoom out. Tapping the touch pad with two fingers or pressing in the lower right corner will be similar to right clicking and will show you more commands.
If you double tap and drag the menu bar, you will be able to drag windows. To see all the open windows on the screen, you need to place three fingers on the touch pad and swipe them away from you. If you tap the touch pad with three fingers, you will be able to open Cortana. If you want that this gesture should open Action Center instead of Cortana, then change this default in Settings > Devices > Mouse and Touch pad. If you are viewing all open windows, then swiping up with three fingers will show you the task view and swiping down with three fingers will close the task view. Swiping down with three fingers will show you the desktop and swiping up will bring your windows back. If you are swiping left or right with three fingers, you will be able to switch between open windows. If you hold your fingers to the touch pad as you swipe, then you will be able to select different windows via the Alt-Tab switcher.
The multi finger gestures are aimed at giving the user, the ability to easily navigate between various features. Due to the edge gestures, users are able to gain quick access to desktop as well as open apps. With a precision touch pad on your laptop, it is just like having a touch screen on your keyboard. Microsoft Windows 10 has offered its users the fluidity of the movements on the keyboard with the precision touch pad and the new gestures.

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