How to Take Screenshots on iPhone 6/7/8/X?

Hey guys, we are back again with solutions for another perky question…. How to take screenshots on iPhone 6/7/8/X?

Well, screenshots are not only meant for sneaky Instagram or Tinder profile, but it also helps you capture many immediate images, documents, video clips, etc. on an urgent basis. It comes quite handy. Isn’t it?

iPhone like Android phones also offers you the feature to take screenshots. With various models you own, you will find slightest differences.

Hence this article will clarify those differences helping you to know how variable you can take screenshots with iPhone 6/7/8/X models.

#1: How to Take Screenshots on iPhone 6/7/8/X with Button Combinations

The trick of taking a screenshot on iPhone has not changed much, but there are few things you need to know. Here in this method, we would use the conventional button combination trick which is the same trick that we use in Android devices as well.

So this is how you do it.

Step 1. Go to the Screen first which you want to take the screenshot of.

Step 2.Now press the Sleep/Wake/Power button (On the right side of the phone) and Home button at the same time.

NOTE: In the case of iPhone X, press the SIDE button and VOLUME UP button together.

How to Take Screenshots on iPhone 6/7/8/X 1

Step 3. Your existing screen will blink immediately and you will see the preview of the screenshot just taken at the lower left corner of the screen.

Step 4. Tap on the screenshot and then you will the options for editing, cropping, adding texts/ signature, etc.

Step 5. Finally, you can tap “Done” and “Save to photos” to save the screenshot to your daily photo gallery.

#2: How to Take Screenshots on iPhone 6/7/8/X with Assistive Touch

The last method is useful, but you need two fingers or rather two hands at the same time. This might be a bit inconvenient if you have got one hand free to do the job.

So here comes the Assistive Touch feature which allows you to take the screenshot with just only one hand.

Follow the below steps:

Step 1. Turn on your iPhone, whatever model own currently, and then go to “Settings”.

Step 2. In the “Settings” page, tap on “General” option and then choose the “Accessibility” option.

Step 3. On the new screen, you will find a slider next to an option “Assistive Touch”.

Step 4. Toggle the slider on and the “Assistive Touch” feature will be enabled immediately.

Step 5. As soon as it gets enabled, you will see a semi-transparent button added to your screen, maybe below at the bottom right corner of the screen. This is actually the “Assistive touch” button.

How to Take Screenshots on iPhone 6/7/8/X 2

Step 6. Next, scroll down and tap on “Customize Top level menu” option.

Step 7. Now tap the star-shaped icon and choose “Screenshot” from the list. You will see that the “screenshot” button is added to the “Assistive Touch” menu list.

How to Take Screenshots on iPhone 6/7/8/X 3

Step 8. Finally, go to the screen you wish to take a screenshot of, tap the “Assistive touch” button and choose “Screenshot”. The Screen will blink and it will save the screenshot succesfully.

Simple isn’t it?


With various models, you will find slightest differences in the interfaces, but more or less the tricks are nearly the same.

You can view all your screenshots on a separate folder named “Screenshots” in the “Photos” application of iPhone. Then, you can edit and send the screenshot later on to anyone.

You see, it’s not that different from Android devices. Thus if you are new with the iPhone, read the article above, you will get help.

Have fun, enjoy, and keep visiting our website for a daily article on recent and common queries.

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