iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy 


The Samsung Galaxy S6 along with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the two best of the Smartphone’s that the company has launched into the market. After a long time the company was able to compete with the iPhone 6. Though, apple has already launched the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S plus.

So for the people who wish to upgrade their phones, they would be glad to know as to which phones they should buy. Here are some facts about these phones and the things that these phones are capable of performing.


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The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S are now launched with the larger screens as compared to the Apple’s previous versions of small screens. The Galaxy Smartphone’s have also taken a remarkable note in terms of the materials used in the phone to ensure that the phones are capable enough to compete with the iPhones. The home button is made with an improved finger print scanner. The top and bottom edges of the phone are curved to make it look attractive. The iPhone’s curved aluminum body design makes it better to grip the phone.


When it comes to the size of the screen then the S6 has a larger screen as compared to the iPhone. The S6 also features the cutting edge technology which gives a better screen resolution while watching the videos. Apple used the LED screens and the Samsung uses the OLED screens. The iPhone though it provides best of the viewing angles and accuracy level of the color is at its best.


The iPhone comes with an A8 CPU with a 64 bit dual core chip with a swift GPU; it also includes a 1GB RAM. However, the S6 comes with a quad core GPU and along with it there is a 3GB RAM. Galaxy S6 also includes the DDR4 memory while the iPhone 6 includes the DDR3 memory; this makes the S6 faster than the iPhone.


The Samsung has dropped the SD card feature from its S6 models. However, they have increased the basic model storage and it starts with 32GB. However, the iPhone still comes with the 16GB storage.


Apple’s mobile operating system is more user-friendly and once you start using the IOS it is easy for everyone to know about the phones operations while in Android the phone is available with the Lollipop version so more customization features are available. The new version of IOS has added features for the customization and it’s easy to use with a better app store. It also comes with the Apple Music, the first in the IOS series.


The iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6, both are equally capable to deliver the best of the performances. It is on the user to decide whether they wish to go with the large screen or a smaller one. The user also needs to decide between the Android operation system and the IOS. The phones are unique in their areas. The iPhone is launches by keeping some key aspects of Android phones in mind while the Galaxy S6 was designed to provide a better integration and performance like the iPhones.

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