How to Autoload your favorite Programs in Windows 10


How to Autoload your favorite Programs in Windows 10

You may feel distressed and disappointed when you turn your desktop or laptop on and it starts up very slowly because of a number of default nut unwanted programs. Desktop users for Windows 10 can be a little sluggish about this because they think that it cannot be changed because it may be system default. However, you will be happy to know that there are ways and technique which can allow you to show only your favorite programs, which means that you can easily disable the unwanted programs from the task menu and also none of these programs will start at the time of system booting. This will further improve the system speed, remove the normal hangs and you will find it much comfortable while working on your system.

You may be aware of the possible steps to disable the unwanted apps from Windows 10 so that they do not start automatically on their own when you boot your system. However, if you feel that there is a few programs which you want to add to your favorite list, you can do so by adding these programs to the list. You should be thankful to Windows 10 which allows you to do so.

Turn Tablet Mode off

The first thing which you need to do is to Turn Off the tablet mode so that you can work on the desktop. Then you will be required to open the Start folder, from the left corner of your screen. Once you click on the Startup folder, you just need to press the Winkey+R combination key so that you can get the Run window.

Alternate option to bring Run window is to press Tab and hold the Start button or simply right click on the Start button.

Once the Run window is opened, you will have to type “shell:startup” which will bring the startup folder on your desktop screen. Most of the times, it will be empty because there are other methods too, to tell your system to autoload your favorite programs.

Create shortcuts

Now, as the Startup folder is before your eyes, you will need to add shortcuts for your favorite programs that you would like to start at the boot time. For this, you just right click anywhere in the empty space inside the folder and go to New>Shortcut. Once you do this, you will have to follow the wizard but this can be a complicated task for newbies.

The easiest way to add these program shortcuts in the Startup folder is the traditional drag and drop one. Yes, if you want to use this feature and you have got an icon for the specific program on your system, you just need to drag the icon but it will not copy.

If you want the icon to remain at both the places, you will need to press the key C while dragging the icon and it will ensure that this will be intact even at your desktop.

In case if you do not have the program icon on the desktop, just find it anywhere in your system, which will be mostly found in All Apps or in the Start menu. Once you locate the icon, you need to just do the same thing, drag and drop in the Startup folder.

Once you are done with the above steps, the next time you will boot your system, the favorite programs will autoload in your Windows 10 PC.

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