How to switch from iPhone to Android and keep all your stuff

There are times when people try out the iPhones but considering the limitations and other hassle, they prefer to switch to android phones. Now, the biggest problem they face in making this change is transfer of data. It is a known fact that it is not at all easy task to shift data from apple to android phones. However, the interesting fact is that with the use of some specific tools people can actually transfer all their stuff from iPhones to Android. Let’s take a look on the process that helps in this regard:

Tranfer iphone to android


It happens that long time iPhone user sync all their contact to the iCloud. This makes it very easy for the user to simple log in the device and accesses all the contact details in no time. For users who have their contacts in iCloud, they need to first go to the setting option and find the iCloud menu. The very next step is to move in the iCloud site and open the contact details. Below, on the right corner of the screen comes a setting icon. Clicking on that icon and choosing the Export vCard option helps in transferring contact on the desired platform.

Pictures and Videos

Recently, Google has come up with a picture and videos application for both iPhone and Android users. The app can be downloaded form Google app store. This makes it easy for the user to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.


These days, as people are making more and more search from their mobile phones, so there are fair possibilities that they bookmark some of the sites for future reference. Apple has made be very difficult to transfer the bookmarks to android phones. In this situation also the role of iCloud comes to the picture. Sync phone with the iCloud setting, then open the iCloud account from the desktop. One option of sync bookmarks is clearly available. Chrome instillation is important for doing this process, as the things will respond only in chrome.


Transferring mails is the simplest task among all. This is so because mails are always stored in cloud and they are not limited or restricted to any particular operating system. Once the users having android phone install Gmail and log in using the credentials, all the mails automatically appear on the android phone. This is a simple process and does not require any addition thing to be done.


People who use Apple phones are well aware of the fact that, it does not allow an export option. Hence, one needs to move on to another iCloud workaround for getting all the data in to the Google calendar. In case, user finds it difficult then the process can also be done using the third-party app that is readily available on both the platforms.

Transferring data from iPhone to android is a difficult task but an impossible one. It calls for some knowledge and information to transfer data from one operating system to another.

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