What to do when your email address sends spam

There is nothing worst then getting spam. It is a fact that when useless or malware advertising goes out revealing your name, it’s actually annoying and also reflect your bad name. This ultimately leads to constant bouncing of mails you keep on sending, as if someone is simply making crook attempts to spam your name. The fact which most of the people are not aware of is that they are not sending out spams, instead there are some useful and effective ways by which spamming can be minimized or completely eliminated.


If you find that spam is going out from your email address, then this clearly means that the email address has either been hijacked or it’s spoofed. There is a fair possibility that spam is not going out from the user system or from any criminal system, instead, it is going out from an unknown system which is badly affected by malware. In common language, it is known as victim’s system. Facing such a situation is highly difficult and proper measures need to be taken to stop this activity, else, the case becomes even worst and uncontrollable.

It is hard to believe but the fact is, criminals can send messages from ones email address even when they are not having proper access to the same. The brutal fact is that there is actually no solution or remedies to overcome spoofing. For their own convenience and safety cyber crooks keeps on changing the spoofed address. This helps them in not getting detected and help in maintaining secrecy of identity. Hence, in case of spoofing, the problem itself goes off after certain duration of time.

Next comes the hijacking, this is considered as the worst situation. This is so because this is the situation where the criminal or the crook takes complete control of the account that is been hijacked. After hijacking the address, criminals can actually read all the mails and can also target or spot contacts. The worst part is that, in this case they simple lockout the account holder from accessing their own account.

The good news is that, unlike spoofing, steps can be taken against hijacking. Let’s take a look on some of the measures:

  • The moment one gets to know that their address is spamming other people, the first thing that needs to be done is to change the password instantly. If they succeed in doing so that means they have fixed the issue.
  • In case, the mail service anyways rejects the request then it’s a fair indication that the problem has become serious and some strict measures are to be taken to resolve the same. This shows that the hijacker has change the password of the address is not using the same as per the requirement.
  • In this case, one should opt for the forget password option for recovering the new password. If this also fails then one should immediately inform about the same to the cyber cell. They will keep a track of all the activities that being done from the hijacked address.

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