How to Stop Spam Calls on iOS 13 with “Silence Unknown Callers” Feature?

This is a remarkable feature lately introduced on iOS 13 and has been one of the seeming reasons for its high sale rate in 2019.

Such a feature is needed, after all, who needs to be disturbed or annoyed by unknown numbers or users.

How “Silence Unknown Calls” Feature Works

The feature automatically mutes all spam and robocalls from unknown numbers without your command. You just have to toggle it on in the settings zone and it will take care of the rest. It works like a blunt instrument, turning down all unknown calls.

But if the SIRI intelligence finds the number in your messages, emails, contacts app, the call will be allowed to come through.

Although the unknown spam calls will all be declined you will get to know about them in the notification, like a missed call notification. You can, later on, check out the number in your recent phone call list.

If your voicemail is activated on your phone the call will automatically be directed to your voicemail box. You can listen to the call afterward when you go to the Voicemail tab.

You can even call the number back if you find it somehow important. But it has been found, that once you call back, the number gets registered on your phone memory, and any subsequent calls from the very same number will not be silenced any longer.

So think twice before you haphazardly call back.

How to Enable “Silence Unknown Calls” Feature on your iOS 13

The feature is not enabled by default, rather you have to manually enable it. It’s very simple even for novice users.

So once your iOS device is upgraded to iOS 13, go to the “Settings” and move to the “Phone” section.

Scroll down the page, and you will see the “Silence Unknown Calls” option. Tap the toggle next to it to turn it blue which means it is enabled now.

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So you can relax now if you are persistently getting spam calls on your device.

How to Make Sure You Will Not Miss Important Calls?

One of the disadvantages of this feature is that no matter how many times important calls come to you if the number is not figured out by the SIRI intelligence it will be immediately silenced.

So, if you are expecting an important call, the only way to avoid missing it is to save the contact number in your contact list.

But still, if you are concerned that you will miss the call, since you don’t know the number in particular, disable the feature for the time being.

Once you are sure about not getting any important calls any longer, enable it again…….Simple!

How to Check Voicemail to Get the Missed Calls Silenced by the Feature

If the feature has accidentally turned down any of your expecting, valuable call, you can check it in your voicemail, provided your Voicemail is activated.

So if your voicemail is activated, open the “Phone app” and go to the “Voicemail” section. In case you have not activated it yet, you can do so from here.

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There will be many voicemails on the list. Tap on any one of it or select the “I” icon to expand the voicemail.

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Next press the play button to listen to the message. Moreover, if you have got the Visual Voicemail activated on your phone, an additional snippet of the transcribed text of the corresponding voicemail will be displayed below. Just tap on the box to expand and see the text.

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As you can discern that the feature “Silence Unknown Calls” at times may prove to be an incompetent app because you have to disengage it every time you are expecting an important call and engage it again still under an uncertainty.

So if you are looking for some alternatives to it, I can understand. You can utilize the “Do not disturb(DND) feature” to let only the chosen and favorite calls to come through. To your support, DND has an option to let in repeated calls. Then if the important call comes the next time, you will at least have a chance to pick it up.

You can also use an app known as “Hiya” which is more like a spam blocker app. But unfortunately, it is not a fully reliable application. The extent of its credibility depends upon the volume of database it holds for spam callers, which is always a doubtful possibility.

Hopefully, the article has been helpful to you to enable and use “Silence Unknown Calls” feature.

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