How to Prevent Unknown People from Adding you to WhatsApp Groups?

Needless to say, WhatsApp groups have become a daily part of our life where we can share a single message, a video, audio, an image, or any essential information with tons of people in one simple tap.

But the feature apart from being a matter of convenience creates a lot of frustrations to the participants who are added without their consent. The feature is heavily exploited when tons of people are added in groups who usually tend to sell products or any services without any of your permission and you have got literally no interest to reciprocate the notifications……..

Trust me, we all can feel that.

The situation gets worsened when you are added by someone you know closely, and now you deliberately feel it rude to exit the group as you wish neither to participate nor you mean to offend them.

Here, the simple suggestion would be to have a filter enabled in the application which can directly stop people from adding you without your permission.

Is it possible to do so?

Earlier it was not, in the older versions of WhatsApp. Thankfully in the latest versions of this application, there is a setting that you can implement in the privacy section of your WhatsApp account. It will simply spare you the trouble of getting added to random, unknown groups.

How to Enable the Settings in the Privacy Section to Prevent Users from Adding you To Random Groups?

The process is pretty simple. Yet, it is important to note that, despite tweaking the setting, admins from unknown groups shall still be able to send you invitations and press you to accept their invitations over and over again.

It will be totally up to you thereafter whether you would like to accept the invitation or to avoid them…… It would be smart enough to avoid them in simpler terms.

The method is very simple, even a novice can do it very easily. Just give the description below a thorough reading:

Step 1. Open your WhatsApp application on your phone. Tap on the three-dot icon at the upper right corner of the app interface.

Step 2. From the drop-down menu that appears, tap the “Settings” and then select “Account”.

Step 3. Go to “Privacy” and then choose “Groups”. You will find the default setting to be set to “Everyone”.

Step 4. You can choose any of the three options shown- “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, “My Contacts except”.

The “Everyone” option lets any random guy to add you to their groups without your permission.

The “My Contacts” option lets only those users add you to groups whose numbers you have saved in your phone.

How to Prevent Unknown People from Adding you to WhatsApp Groups? (1)

The last option “My Contacts except” lets you drool with further filtering and enables you to choose from your contact list as to exactly who can add you to a group and delist the contacts you don’t wish to be added by.

The method or the trick aforementioned can only save you the trouble of getting added by unknown users, but still, many such intruders will linger around who will keep on nudging you with continuous invitations here and there. That is something, no one can really help you with.
In case, someone is excessively disturbing you, you must take the matter seriously and in legal terms. That’s the only option we can suggest to you in times of extremity.


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