How to Download Local Maps for Offline Use in Windows 10

The user friendly Maps application with the Windows 10 has made it further more convenient and easier for us to search and find nearby locations with speed and accuracy. This location application is first party windows app by the Microsoft. Previously the windows operating smart phones used to work in offline mode with the Maps Application for a long period of time. Now Microsoft has taken it to a further higher standard with making the application compatible with the Windows 10, which in result has given the ultimate success of producing the Universal Maps App for Windows 10 compatible with the home PC for every user.

Black Smartphone with a GPS map. Blue Pushpin.
Black Smartphone with a GPS map. Blue Pushpin.

In the freshly launched windows by Microsoft, Windows 10 offers all the users to download the maps as offline maps. The offline maps help one to navigate through without having an internet connection enabled on your device. Hence the Maps application has become a worldwide favorite application for all the users and mostly the travelers around the world.

Steps of downloading Local Maps for offline use in Windows 10:

  1. To start the process. You need to select the ‘settings’ options under the options of start menu.
  2. Now click on the very first option from the list i.e. the ‘system’.
  3. When you select the ‘system’ option it will open a new list of options, now select for the ‘offline maps’, also you can observer many options in the right side of the screen which are related to the maps. Now you need to download the maps for offline use by selecting the ‘download maps’ option in the maps area.
  4. Now you can see the different continents. Select the different areas of preference which you need to locate for and browse the carefully. By multi selecting the areas download them simultaneously. Always keep in mind to select small portions of regions and download it, do not select the entire region or a continent that may lead to a heavy data loss due to such a heavy download process, further leading to a very expensive and over loaded bill. And always remember to select for the required areas which you actually need to see for.
  5. After selecting the preferred areas click on the download option at the bottom of the screen to initiate the downloading process.
  6. Due to a map download the incoming data is quiet high so the process will take some time you need to be calm till the download process is over.
  7. After the process is complete it will be notifying you.
  8. Now click on the Maps application after disabling the internet.
  9. When you open the Maps application it will place all the downloaded maps in front of you now you can easily look out for directions, locations, places, cities, etc… you need to search for.
  10. With this the Windows 10 Maps Application will be ready to use for browsing local areas and locating different destinations, places, roads, directions in offline mode also.

This feature of the Windows 10 has made the navigation easier for all of us. So go ahead and enjoy navigation in offline mode with the Maps.

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