Top 5 Windows Phone tricks

Top 5 windows phone tricks


Windows phones have got plenty of things and features to offer but very few people are aware of these tricks which can make your technical life rich and experience much better. It is needless to say that with new and advanced version of Windows 8, the company has tried its best to include exceptional features and hidden secrets which will bring success, joy and full entertainment to you, without compromising with quality and customer requirements. You will find the latest and most advanced version of Microsoft operating system in the recently released Windows 8 Phone which will never disappoint you.

Here, you will find the best and highly recommended top 5 tricks for Windows phone.

  • Screen shots – It was never such an easy task to take screen shots on windows phone because it offers now a different and unique tool to capture any image. What you need to do is to press the soft windows key along with the power button so that image is instantly captured. This feature will enable the user to take shots of any image which surfaces on your screen and it will not require any complicated step-following process. Also, the images will be saved automatically in the image gallery.
  • Kid’s Corner – If you have got the Windows phone, your kids will definitely like it because of the easy availability of the Kid’s Corner. This option is really great because you will feel tension free because all the apps and kiddy materials can be easily kept and stored in this section, which will never disturb your sensitive information or files. It has been designed while paying special attention for the kid’s interests and likes so that everything can be easily and promptly accessed.
  • Removing installed applications – Home screen can be easily brought to your eyes by swiping to left or right and it is often considered as a shortcut. However, deleting or uninstalling an app will be much easier on Windows phone because a different option is available here. Simply tap on a particular app and options will be displayed for deletion. Click on delete option and the desired app will be uninstalled from the phone.
  • Save Nokia Maps – With several competitors in the pipeline, very few companies have basically understood the latest trends and consumer needs and fix them. Yes, Nokia now offers you the facility to save all kinds of maps to the desired location so that you can easily retrieve them in the future at later stage. Such maps will be stored in the internal memory of your favorite Windows phone which would be typically a few MB size. You will be now capable of clicking on download option for any map and thus; you can save it instantly.
  • Improved effects and modes in camera – If you are very much disappointed to not find any panoramic or HDR mode in the phone’s camera, do not let it to turn into aggression. Yes, Windows phone will offer you with downloads options for these effects and modes in camera which have been termed as lenses. These features and effects can be easily downloaded by tapping the menu option inside of camera app.

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