Raid data recovery

Raid data recovery


RAID or redundant array of inexpensive (independent) disks has long been used for the data storage virtualization technology which is applied to serve the purposes of performance improvement and data redundancy. This system creates multiple disc drive components into a single logical drive where several drives are created for data storage purpose which further depends on the required performance and redundancy level. Some of the major goals regarding RAID are capacity, performance; reliability and availability as per which different schemes are created that are numbered as RAID 0, 1, 2 and more. However; the levels of RAID above 0 offers increased protection against disk failure and read errors which are in fact, unrecoverable.

Requirement of RAID data recovery

In some rare cases, there is no replacement for the RAID Sectors or schemes because you will find the controller card in burnt state. In such cases, RAID5 will never bring the array and will try to report failure double drive. If there is no RAID, no recovery is needed. Also, RAID recovery is not required in case of RAID5 which involves mirroring scheme. In cases when the nature of problem is not recognized, you will have to go for RAID data recovery but it should be continued if the service for ‘as is’ fails to retrieve the required data.

RAID Data Recovery

RAID data becomes corrupt due to component malfunction which will comprise of application corruption, controller cards and hard drives that will further result in unused data. Most of the people and users are unaware of the intricate knowledge base and configuration of different RAID levels which depends greatly on software, hardware and firmware. In such cases, going for the final RAID data recovery process will not render your data lost but may also corrupt the entire hard drive.

Recovery of RAID0 and RAID5

The RAID0 and RAID 5 data recovery task can only be accomplished if –

  • Array parameters are lost
  • Controlled has failed
  • Configuration data related software-based RAID has got damaged.

Warning for RAID Data Recovery

It should be noted here that RAID Data Recovery should not be carried out if your system has got imperfect hardware. In fact, there are some cases when RAID gets crashed because of hardware problem which must be corrected or fixed before you run the RAID recovery process.

On the other hand, system memory or RAM should be firstly checked in case of uncertain sources of the RAID problems otherwise; it will result in complete data loss or damage which is not a good indication.

Software assistance for RAID Data Recovery

With more and more advancements in the technology, companies and software developers are coming with more and more RAID data recovery tools and packages, based on the type of system failure or RAID corruption. Of course, you cannot go for the final selection if you are unaware of the RAID configuration because it is a complicated task. You may need support of experienced technician or company which is well versed with the task of RAID data recovery. However, you may use Seagate recovery services or ZAR RAID Recovery Software if you are ready to do it manually.

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