How to repair hard drive if crashed

How to repair hard drive if crashed


One of the worst problems which our computer faces is the rapid and sudden failure of hard drives for which the users should be well prepared. However, it does not happen that people are prepared for such hardware disasters because they do not occur with any warning or notice. Since hard drives are important element of computing devices, they need to be protected with the best possible methods. You may also create solid and comprehensive data backup of your hard disc which will help you to retrieve the data at later stages.

It becomes really important for us to know the various reasons of disc failures or crashes so that appropriate and accurate method can be applied to fix the issue. Some of the common causes of hard drive crashes along with their compatible solutions are detailed below for your quick assistance.

  • Solution for electrical failure – PCB of hard drive may get damaged due to consequent voltage fluctuation or electric spike for which you will have to supply constant and regular current for fixing the problem. If you hear some clicking or knocking sounds from hard drive, this is clear symptom of electric failure. You can disconnect your drive or should quickly create a data backup of your memory before it gets deleted or destroyed.
  • Solution for logical errors – This problem might become more complicated than hardware problems because the issues are with software or information stored. Such errors or hard drive crashes can be caused due to viruses, malware or information errors which will require the client to defragment drives, regular checking of registry errors and keeping your files or folders well organized in the disc.
  • Solution of mechanical failure – Improper handling or wear and tear may cause mechanical failure of the drive which will definitely require the user to buy a new hard disc for computer. Grinding or clicking sounds are simple symptoms of such failures because of which data or file recovery should be done with the help of qualified and expert technician.
  • Firmware failure – Computer fails to communicate or interact with hard disc because of firmware failure. System BIOS may not recognize the drive and it must be fixed by drive’s manufacturer or experienced technician.
  • Problems occurring due to bad sectors – Accessibility for definite files or folders may get interrupted with bad sector problems. CRC errors will be displayed and your browser or mouse shows hanging issues which need to be properly solved. Users are recommended to copy files or information on different drive or folder to gain access. Cloud storage in the present age seems to be a greatly viable and affordable option to keep your files or information safe and easily accessible.

Al the above mentioned hard drive fixing methods will work in general but if the drive has crashed due to cumulative reasons, you will have to go for technical repair from reputed shop or agency. Damage to hard drives can be easily solved when you contact experienced and certified technicians. Your data will be lost permanently if you try to operate damaged or crashed drive for a long period of time.

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