How to fix laptop keyboard keys

How to fix laptop keyboard keys


Laptops are one of the most frequently used gadgets worldwide. From the previous generations to the next generations, all the people need to use laptops on a daily basis. Whether it is the corporate work or any form of entertainment, laptops and PCs is something that everyone requires every day. PCs are still something that is going out of fashion now but laptops are something that nearly everyone has and owns.

One of the common problems that people face regularly is the keys come out. Usually because of carelessness or because of some or the other reasons it is a common problem though. Since laptops are something that needs to be used on a daily basis, it is very important for people to know how to fix this problem, that is, they need to know how to fix the keys of the keyboards without taking any help from the outside. Hence one can browse through the different aspects so that we can fix this problem on our own.

There are different types of laptops and the keyboards are different too. Hence one should look into the different ways in which they can fix the keyboard and the keys. The first and the foremost step that that one needs to follow when trying to fix the keys is switching off the laptop for safe assistance. The following points should be kept in mind while trying to put back the key on the keyboard:

  • The key which has been taken off should be found. Once you can find out the key which you have lost you can try the different methods in which you can try and fix the keyboard.
  • There is a difference between fixing a broken key and fixing a loosen key and one should know the difference between the two.
  • Take the cap of another key without taking out the retainer. Make sure you don’t damage or uproot the key; just to view the different working area of the key on the other side is what you have to see so that you can fix the key which has come off.
  • See the way the connecting points are there in the key so that you can fix the other one in the same way.
  • When you have put the caps under proper scrutinization you can try and put it back and see if you have able to put the key in the right way.
  • The spacebar has a different method of putting it back, but the basics remains the same. You need to see the way new keys are fixed in order to replace the keys because the method might not be the same.
  • If the key is put on in the right way you should be able to press down the key in the right way, if not you will not be able to press down the button.
  • Make sure the retainer and the key is placed in the appropriate way, and you will not need to work any further.

Bam! And the needful is done.

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