How to take a screenshot on HP laptop (Windows 7/8/10)

Hello Geeks, how are you doing? HP laptops are really awesome these days and no wonder it is one of the most favorite laptop available on the market. Taking a screenshot on HP laptop can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it but in this tutorial, we will show 2 ways to take a screenshot on HP laptop. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking a screenshot of your desktop or email or applications or documents or any other miscellaneous stuff, we are pretty sure the tips shared in this guide will help you to accomplish your task.

Method #1: Using Key Combos on your Keyboard

Most HP laptops has a print screen hot key on their default laptop keyboard located on the top right corner. It is named as “prt sc” but few HP models requires key combos to activate that option. So, follow these steps to take a screen on HP laptop using your default keyboard.

Step 1. Press the “prt sc” key on your keyboard once. But first open the document, app or whatever data for which you want to take a picture of.

how to take a screenshot in pc

Step 2. Open the paint app on your laptop. You can either click on Start and search for Paint app or you can open the “Run” app by pressing “Windows + R” key and type “mspaint” to open the paint app.

how to open paint

Step 3. When the Paint app is opened, simply press “Ctrl + V” keys on your keyboard and the screenshot will appear without any problem. You may now save the picture on your computer and you will have a perfect screenshot image.

P.S: Few HP laptops may not take a screenshot if you only press the “prt sc” key. So, you will either have to press “Fn + Prt Sc” together or “Alt + Prt sc”. Then follow from Step 2 to proceed.

If this doesn’t work with your laptop then don’t get disheartened as there are other ways to achieve this task too. Simply move on to the next solution.

Method #2: Using the Snipping Tool Widget.

Snipping tool is available on Windows 7 and later versions by default. It is an amazing free app to take pictures from literally anywhere on your screen. This is a perfect app to take a screenshot on HP laptop or you even take a screen on Windows PC. Here’s how to use this tool to take a screenshot.

Step 1. Simply click on start and type “Snipping Tool” and open the app on your computer.

How to take screenshot on windows 10

Step 2. Click on “New” and choose the area on your HP laptop or computer screen for which you take a screenshot.

how to take screenshot in laptop

Step 3. The cropped picture will be available on the tool now. You can edit it directly on the app and finally save it on your computer.

This is a 100% working method and you shouldn’t have problem to take a screenshot with this tool. And while writing this guide, even I used the same tricks to take screenshot of the pictures included in this tutorial 🙂

Please remember that snipping tool is available on any Windows computer and laptop and you can manipulate this tool however you like. Taking screenshot on Windows 7/8/10 with snipping tool is very easy and you should be able to edit the screenshot from the tool as well.

Conclusion –

That’s all! You guys now know how to take a screen on HP laptop effortlessly. This is not really a hard task and even a kid can take a screenshot in PC without any problem these days. Hopefully you guys liked this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends in need.


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