How To Get Rid Of Clutter And Save Printer’s Ink While Printing A Webpage

Give a Print command for a webpage and your printer will start printing all the annoying URLs, headers, texts, advertisements on the page. These unnecessary stuffs not just drive your mind crazy but also waste a lot of your printer’s ink. So, how you can get rid of these clutters and save your printer’s ink while printing a webpage?


Google has finally started working on Chrome for designing an in-build option so as to print just the important parts of the webpage. The designing for the desired Chrome option already started in full swing on the month of November. The page that will just print the required area will be called “simplify page.” The page under-construction will just print the area as per the user’s need, leaving behind the unwanted bits and pieces like logos, ads and menu options.

This will not just save your printers ink but also give the user extra readable output. However the “simplify page” is not yet ready for the usual Chrome browser; it is only accessible right now in Chrome beta. This doesn’t mean that you have to wait till Google create the “simplify page” for your browser, you can even shut on the same feature in your Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft edge. You just have to follow these few simple steps and you can easily clear clutter and save ink of your printer.

  1. Chrome: Chrome plays lightly stubborn when it comes to printing the desired area, however you can achieve the same by using an extension. As chrome right now does not offer you any such in-build option the best thing to do is print via an extension like Evernote Clearly. The advantage of printing via an extension is that it creates the simplified reading page, this can be print out easily leaving the ink wasting materials at the back.
  1. Firefox: Firefox already have a build-in element that will let you view a simplified webpage before you give the print command. The feature is by the name Reader View, you just have to select the option, wait till it simplifies the webpage for you, once done, start printing. You can even remove the header and footer with these steps.
  1. Firefox For Windows:
  1. Click on File and select option Page Setup.
  2. Now click on the tab Margins & Header/Footer.

iii. Set the Headers and Footers to “—blank—“.

  1. Click Ok.
  1. Firefox for OS X:
  1. Select the File option and then Print.
  2. The Print option will expand; select Firefox among the given third drop-down menu.

iii. Now set the Headers and Footers to “—blank—” from the drop down list.

  1. Inter Explorer: Internet Explorer also provide you with option, by which you can print the text with Page Header and Page Footer. For this you have to follow the below steps.
  1. Select File option from the Main Menu.
  2. Go to Page Setup.

iii. Now set every single Header and Footer to “—Empty—”.

  1. Click Ok.

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