How to Save a Webpage as a PDF File

How to Save a Webpage as a PDF File

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Many times you feel requirement of conversion of web pages into PDF files but you might have not known about the process of doing so. Well, the first thing you should know is that the process of converting web pages into PDF files is different for different browsers. You need nothing but to install a simple PDF creator to work as a virtual PDF printer. After installation of this virtual printer, it becomes simple for you to print and generate a PDF file.

Why to choose PDF file format?

When you visit to a web page and want to save it, you get a direct option to save that page in the same format it has been designed. But it becomes difficult to store the web page in the same manner for future reference or to send the web page to someone else for review; that’s why, many people wants to convert a web page into PDF file before saving it. Conversion of a web page into a PDF file seems better way to save important information for future consent. It is possible only when you use a PDF file creator for converting the file format of a web page into PDF.

Method #1: Save a Webpage as a PDF File using Wondershare PDFelement 6

Wondershare PDFelement 6 is the perfect tool to convert any webpage into an elegant PDF file. You don’t really have to do manual labor work like we mentioned in the earlier two methods. Using PDFelemet 6, you can convert a webpage to any desirable format you want, starting from PDF to Excel to PowerPoint and so on to over 300+ file formats.  Here, let me list down the top benefits of using Wondershare PDFelement 6 so that you can understand this better.

Top Benefits of using Wondershare PDFelement 6

  1. Create PDF files from any kind of file format. This tool supports over 300+ file format, so there’s no file type that can’t be converted to PDF using this program.
  2. Convert and edit any kind of scanned document. This feature is very handy and you might end up paying for a software that can accomplish this task.
  3. Customize the page however you like whether you add watermarks or insert and remove images, so change the writing style and so on.
  4. Save file in other formats like webpage, HTML, RTF, DOCX, etc.
  5. Multiple language supported.
  6. Dedicated staff support to assist you with any query.
  7. Works in both Windows and Mac computers to give you the best experience.

Method #1: How to use Wondershare PDFelement to convert a Webpage as a PDF File.

Step 1. Download the software from the official website and install it on your computer by reading the setup instruction. Make sure to download the compatible version as it is supported in both Windows and Mac platform. Now I’d like to show you Windows system.

Launch the software and click on “Create PDF” followed by choosing the webpage that you wish to convert to PDF file.


Step 2. It will pop up the process of creating PDFs. You will get the PDF file a few minutes.image003

Step 3. If you want to modify the document then feel free to hover around through the Edit options and play with your file however you like. You can add or remove images, change the font style and size, watermark your document and even it gives you the ability to password-protect it.


Step 4. When you are satisfied with your document, head on to the “File” option followed by “Save As” and store the document as PDF file.


That’s it. You have successfully saved your Webpage as a PDF file. As easy as that. Moreover, if you still want to learn about PDFelement 6 then we will recommend you to head on to their official website and read all the features by yourself. I am sure you won’t regret it.

Method #2: Conversion of a web page into PDF file in Mozilla Firefox

Once after you install a PDF file creator, converting any web page into PDF from Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome, internet explorer or any other web browser becomes easier. Here is the stepwise process of converting a file into PDF from Mozilla firefox –

  • Start the browser and visit to the web page which is required to be converted into PDF
  • Select ‘file’ and click on ‘print’; in the printer section, select from drop down PDF creator PDF (for example, novaPDF)
  • You can also change settings in the virtual printer by using ‘properties’ earlier than creation of PDF file. This is how you can use auto save option, addition of doc information and embedding fonts as per your requirement.
  • Now, click OK on the location you want to choose; in this way, you will get a PDF file created and opened automatically in the default PDF viewer.

Method #3: Conversion of a webpage into a PDF file in Google Chrome –

Developed by the Google management, this browser has become one of the popular browsers among Google users. Here is the process for converting a web page to a PDF from the Google Chrome Application –

  • Open the web browser and visit to the web page you want to convert to PDF file.
  • Then click on ‘settings’ and click on ‘print’ further.
  • Select the PDF creator you have installed as virtual printer in the print option and choose other settings for printing.
  • Click on print.
  • Save PDF file by clicking on ‘OK’.

More to know is that certain special PDF creators offer the option of merging also, so that you can combine various web pages from single or multiple websites to create single PDF file.

So, now you know a simple way for converting your web pages into a PDF file.

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