How to upload PDF and EPUB files into Google Play Books

Are you interested to discover a good way to upload your own files in the cloud to show your friend later? If yes, this post will help you. Yes, you can upload your own files on the cloud that can be read by you later within the Google Play Books app. Google offers you the chance of uploading your personal reading content from your personal device to the could now. This is how; it becomes convenient to read things you want later. The only thing you should take care of is that your files should be only on PDF or EPUB format. Watching the files of your choice in Google Play Book is definitely a matter of fun, especially for those who are excited to share amazing moments of watching these files with their friends.

Uploading your own files on Google Play book is really an exciting idea. Also, the files you want to upload should be free from DRM. It is something that offer sellers the chance of controlling things with their products up to some extent. If you are in search of a really decent eReader, nothing can be better than Google Play Books. Features like highlights, sync notes etc. make this app fantastic. So, read further how can you upload these files on Google Play Book –
Before you want to upload the file of your choice via the app, you will need to go in and enable file uploads manually.
Just open up the app and select ‘settings’ in the hamburger menu. Find various options within the settings menu and go ahead to find ‘enable PDF uploading’. For this purpose, you will have to check the relevant box, so that you will be able to proceed.
So, the app is now all ready to help you uploading your PDF files. For uploading files, you need nothing but to save the file to your device. Get access to the file by choosing it in the notification menu. You will be able to find notifications here now. If you want to get access to the file from multiple devices, you can get access to the file from ‘downloads’. So, select the file you want to upload.
You will be able to see various options after selection of the file. A pop up window will open when you choose ‘upload to play books’. You will see a notification that your file will take a few minutes to upload and then select ‘got it’. The process of uploading starts now; after completion of uploading, you will be able to get access to the book immediately.
Books of your choice can also be uploaded on the official website of the app. When you sign in, you will see the option of ‘upload file’ in the upper side of the screen. Choose the file you want to upload and proceed. After the uploading process completes, you will see the file in the ‘uploads’ section of the library.
This is all about adding your own PDF and EPUB files in the Google Play Book. So, do you want to open your own book club now?

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