Top five Distraction-free Tools that Force You to Focus on your tasks

Top five Distraction-free Tools that Force You to Focus on your tasks

People who find it hard to focus on their work and face various kinds of distraction during work due to lack of self discipline will like to read this list of distraction free tools further. Computers make peoples’ task simpler and help them to create great writing work than real task on paper. But problems start when computers start working as distraction machine.  Facebook, youtube, Netflix streaming, games and various social networking sites, anything can give rise to distraction for people who want to focus upon work. Here is the list of top five distraction-free tools that will help you to focus on your works –


This app appears full screen and all the other things such as web browser, taskbar etc disappear. Some apps are a little lenient that offers you the chance of landing to the distraction field again by simply pressing a key. On the other hand, some other apps are there to be very strict and don’t offer you even a single chance to escape from the work till certain time period. FocusWriter is a free tool with the facility of setting daily goals. Themes, timers and alarms with this tool are customizable.  Just calling down the menu bar and pressing quit will help you to get out of this app.

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer is nothing but a strict time management strategy utilizing the Pomodoro technique. Generally, this app involves a work session of 25 minutes and 5 minutes time for break. In order to teach this all the technique of distraction-free session, an ebook and website is there which can be downloaded for free. After learning the golden rule of working with work and break sessions, you will experience that your tasks are being finished quickly. Don’t break the session’s rule and obey the idea of completing it.


Many people are there to find social networking sites as a distraction while working. If you want to stay away from facebook and twitter while writing sessions, you should try ColdTurkey as the distraction-free app. It is not a text editor but an app that makes certain websites inaccessible for a particular time period. Developed by Felix Belzile, ColdTurkey is available for free also but choosing the paid version for $15 offers you the facility of blocking the desktop software. You can edit hosts file of the system by using this app.


Another useful distraction-free tool is Forcedraft from the same developer. This program shows no mercy during the work session and you will not be able to come out of it until the writing session finishes. Covering the whole screen of your PC along with the secondary monitor you will be able to meet specific goal on the basis of word count or time duration. There is no menu option, escape key or anything else to unlock the work session. One thing to know here is that if you don’t set a goal in FORCEdraft, it works same like other distraction free text editors. It means it offers you the chance of escaping the work session by clocking over the app logo.

Self Control

Self control is the best distraction free tool for those who are addicted of social networking sites. Nothing is there to control you from searching sites and browsing. In this kind of situation, you can use Self Control that prevents you from distraction. Once after starting this distraction-free tool, nothing is there to circumvent the blocked access. Even restarting your device or deleting the application will not be help.

So, these are the top distraction-free tools to help you focus upon the work.


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