How to run a DOS program in Windows 10 

With the growing technology we are also upgrading ourselves with its latest trends. Computer have been an integral part in humans life and with the release of the Windows 10, Microsoft has lifted itself to a whole new level. But this up gradation has also affected us with some of the problems. The old and the popular DOS programs are not able to work on the Windows 10 and people find it very difficult to work on it without their old programs and software. As a result people spend some extra in making their Windows 10 compatible for the DOS programs, but one can easily solve this problem by opting the ways given below:


Tricks to run DOS program in Windows 10:

  1. Run the program as Administrator

Some of the old DOS programs used to work with the administrator access and majority of the people who used the older version of the windows were using the administrator account to work on, but with the Windows 10 you need to give the permission to the program from the administrator to work properly on it. The easiest way of doing this is by simply making a right-click on the DOS program and then selecting the option of “Run as Administrator”. This will give the program the needed permission to work on the Windows 10 without any problems.

  1. Check out the Compatibility Settings

You need to check for the compatibility of the program with the Windows 10. For this you need to right click on the program and select the properties. Looking in the properties select the ‘file location’ option, this will land you the original file and then click over the compatibility tab and troubleshoot the program for test in testing and making the program accessible with the Windows 10. Try using the different troubleshooting options and run the program.

  1. Virtual Machine Programs

The older version of Windows i.e. is the Windows 7 had a suitable option of running the Windows 7 in the “Windows XP Mode” this is mainly the work of the Virtual Machine Program. This lets the user to work in the Windows 7 in a specific window of the Windows XP which is all ready preinstalled with a free license inside the Windows 7. This made Windows 7 to actually run even more old and outdated programs with ease.

This was a complex but efficient procedure. But due to the upgrade of the windows the Windows 10 does not have the preinstalled Windows XP, so you can simple install a Virtual Machine Software and then you can insert the Windows XP CD and install it in the Windows 10. This will help you to make the Windows 10 compatible with the old programs. Moreover you can work in the same manner as the Windows 7 lets you to work by making a separate window for Windows XP so that any of the old version of the programs and the old version of the DOS programs can run on the Windows 10.


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