How to remove your Windows 10 password 

Security of our personal data and file is one such thing that we all need to have, but at times it becomes very hectic to again and again open the Windows 10with the password. This lock is the screen lock which prevents your computer to be used from any of the unauthorized person. Moreover even if your family members do not know about the password then they too will not be able to open and gain access to your saved and lock computer. This situation becomes very irritating when you are in the middle of any urgent work and you get the call from your home again and again so that you can tell the password to them which will open the computer.


One should keep his data safe by safeguarding the software or the specific files, so that all the people who need to use it for their work can easily gain access to the computer and work on it without bothering you again and again. Windows 10 lock screen doesn’t allow any of the intruders to hack in like people used to hack the Windows XP from the administrator account, but this is not the case with the Windows 10. Till you do not have the required password till then you cannot gain any insight on the data which is stored in the computer.

How to Disable the Lock Screen Protection of the Windows 10:

  1. Open your computer by entering the correct password; this will bring you to the main screen of the Windows 10.
  2. On the main screen of the Windows 10 you need to look for the start option, once you have found the start button you need to click on it and then select the RUN option.
  3. When you will click on the RUN option you will get a RUN dialog box. In this RUN dialog box you need to type a specific command in the white empty space.
  4. The command name is “netplwiz”, once you enter the command you need to hit enter.
  5. When you have made this command run then it will directly open the User Accounts window box.
  6. To open this User Accounts box you can also go from the Control Panel option but the RUN option is the quickest and the safest way of getting to this User Accounts box.
  7. When you are on the User Account box you need to select the specific account that you are logged into. When you will select the specific account then you need to uncheck the “user must enter the password to enter this computer”.
  8. After doing this enter the username and password once and then apply the settings , this will help you to disable the password lock screen protection and from the next time when you open your computer then you will directly log in to the main screen of the Windows 10.
  9. When you have applied the setting then you need to restart the computer so that these setting can be saved permanently and you won’t have to face the lock screen again in front of your Windows 10.

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