The Top 3 Bitcoin Wallet Recommendations of 2018

Hello Geeks, how are you doing? Recently, we have been talking a lot about cryptocurrencies. We have written how to buy Bitcoin and other altcoins using your debit card and credit cards as well as net banking. Now recently, people asking this question a lot about where to store the bitcoins since storing bitcoins or any altcoins in any unsafe place could be dangerous. Millions of dollars’ worth bitcoins are hacked every month and that’s why in this tutorial, we will show you top 3 bitcoin wallet recommendations of 2018.

Now, bitcoins are not any physical money that you can touch or see, however, they can be only stored on digital devices or online exchanges. Basically, every online exchange offers you bitcoin wallets with private keys and enables you to protect your coins with 2 step Google authenticators. So, let us show the best bitcoin wallet so that you can keep your coins and wealth safe and secure.

#1: Coinbase (Online Exchange)

Coinbase is one of the first cryptocurrency online exchange that allowed people to convert fiat into Bitcoins. Currently, it has over 15 million users and it keeps their coins safe and secure with 2 step authenticators as well as their website is secured with SSL and DDos protection is enabled as well. So, this will be our one of the top recommended website since there’s no bad reports received about coinbase yet.

#2: Nano ledger S (Hardware wallet)

If you want to keep your bitcoins in a hardware wallet then Nano ledger S should be the #1 priority. These little devices look like pen drives but can store all of your bitcoins in a safe location. It’s like downloading data on your USB flash drive but instead you will be transferring your bitcoins to Nano ledger S. Do not worry, it does provide a private key so that even if you lost the Nano ledger S, you can buy a brand new one, feed in the private keys and retrieve the bitcoins back. Nano ledger S are recommended for long time holders. So, if you have decided, you are not going to sell Bitcoins for X number of months or years then only use this wallet.

#3: Binance (Online Exchange)

Another most trusted website with over 7 million users, we recommend to keep your bitcoins in Binance. It’s an online cryptocurrency exchange website with tons of securities. It also enables the 2FA security option to add extra security on your account. Signing up is totally free and is available to all countries over the world. Simply, buy your bitcoins and transfer them to your Binance wallet.

Cryptocurrency market is really very hot right now and as of today, the current market cap is over $500 billion where bitcoin has over 35%+ dominance. But at the same time, it’s a high-risk investment with high rewards. We hope you guys liked this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends and families who are into bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.

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