How to Lock a Folder in Windows 8?

How to Lock a Folder in Windows 8?


Are you looking for the ways to encrypt or lock your confidential folders in Windows 8? If you have set up several accounts in Windows or you are working as administrator, you may want to block some important folders in order to prevent access from any other user. After protecting the folder, it will ask for password from the user. Hence, the target folder will permanently be locked unless you remove the lock on your own.

The users of Windows can access several user profiles on a single PC. This way, several business users and family members can work on the PC and use their own settings as they have customized. Usually folders start out and become accessible to others. It means users from other profiles can easily access the folders of personal documents. Security options can be accessed by you for the folders you want to keep them locked and secure such files. This way, you will be allowed to select the users to edit or read files stored in such folders.

Locking Your Private Folders on Windows

  • First of all after Windows startup, access your user profile and go through the folder you want to lock.
  • On the folder icon, right click and click ‘Properties’. It will open a dialog box named ‘Folder Properties’.
  • Choose ‘Security’ tab at the top corner of the folder properties.
  • Then you need to click ‘Edit’ button.
  • On the box with ‘Group or User Names’ label, you can highlight the group of users or user name. This way, you will see the list of all the profiles made on the PC along with the groups of users such as all users or all administrators.
  • Under the section named “Permissions for”, you can click the permissions boxes. You will find a series of options with which you can choose ‘Deny’ and ‘Allow’ box. By highlighting the group or user and checking the boxes ‘Deny’ and you will deny your desired group or users to access all the files in your target folder. To restrict all control completely in the folder and lock it, you can check all the ‘Deny’ boxes.
  • It also allows you deny only specific abilities to keep going with the locking preferences. For example, you can choose certain permissions like Write, Read, Full Control and Modify. If you have checked all the Deny boxes except ‘List Folder’, then the access will be given to the users only to that folder but they cannot edit or open the items.
  • To save your settings, click ‘Ok’ and then ‘Yes’ in order to confirm the changes.

If you have zipped the file, then you can have a lot simpler process. On the zipped folder, double click and click ‘Add password’ from ‘File’ option. When the request information is filled, click on ‘apply’ button. You will always be asked for the password whenever you try to access zipped file. You can put your security password on files and folders easily and quickly.

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