Ways to Check If Your PC is ready for the Virtual Reality!

Virtual Reality is coming faster than anyone anticipated. You will soon be able to enjoy your games on the computer and other programs in 3D with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. But for this to happen, you have to see whether your PC is Virtual Reality ready. Due to the release of a software by the Oculus VR, it is now easy to check the Virtual Reality compatibility of your PC. Oculus VR has also published a list of hardware requirement for your computer so that you can use the Oculus Rift and enjoy the Virtual Reality games and experiences. The Rift headset will make it possible for everyone to experience the Virtual Reality, but to enjoy that you have to make sure that your computer system is up to the mark.

Ways to Check If Your PC is ready for the Virtual Reality

Using the compatibility checking software or tool is very easy. Following are the instructions for checking the Virtual Reality compatibility of your computer.

  1. The compatibility tool does not have its own webpage or website. So you have to visit the Oculus order page where you will find the tool.
  2. Visit the Oculus site and you will find the “Rift Compatibility tool for Windows”. Download the ‘Exe’ file of the program.
  3. Once the ‘Exe’ file is downloaded, click on the file.
  4. One window will open and you will have to click on ‘Start’. There will be a box below which there will be the ‘Start’ button. You will have to uncheck this box if your system specs should not be sent to Oculus.
  5. This program will be analyzing your system. At the end of the run of the program you will find the result. It will tell you is your Pc is ready for the Virtual Reality. If your PC is not compatible for Virtual Reality, then the tool will also tell you the problem areas such as upgrading the external graphics card or the processor.

You can check the following list of the hardware requirement for Oculus Rift compatibility, so that you know which one you need to upgrade.

  • A graphics card equivalent to AMD 290/ NVIDIA GTX 970 or greater than these.
  • A processor equivalent to Intel i5 (4590)4th generation or greater than that.
  • Memory or Ram of 8GB or more
  • Video output of HDMI 1.3 or more
  • Operating system of Windows SP1 or latest
  • USB 3.0 ports at least 2 in number.

As you can see with the compatibility tool, you will come to know the hardware in your computer is compatible to the Virtual Reality or not and if not then which hardware needs to be upgraded. And the hardware requirement list given by Oculus VR let you know the hardware you should purchase to enjoy the computer games and other media in 3D in Virtual Reality. As we can see that this information is really useful for those users who have already pre orders their Oculus Rift headsets or are thinking of ordering it. This way they can get the hardware before their headset arrives at their doorstep.

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