How to add virtual desktops to your PC without upgrading to Windows 10

It has been years that both Mac as well as Linux users are availing benefit associated with virtual desktops. Virtual setup helps them in creating multiple desktop work spaces on a single PC. Considering the increasing benefits of virtual desktop, Microsoft is also involving in to the game by offering some interesting features in Window 10. However, the fact is that windows system started supporting this concept for some time; Microsoft has never enabled this feature in their software. Now the question is how to get multiple desktops? The answer to this question is very simple, it simply needs some small downloads to be made from Microsoft site.


There are various reasons that encourage the use of multiple desktops on a single computer. For instance, people who do not have multi-monitor set-up at their home or work premises can actually opt for multiple desktops for keeping their work more organised. The use of multiple desktops can be done based on the requirement, such as one desktop can be used for productivity apps and the other one keeping the entertainment stuff (music, videos and so on). In fact, mail ids can be left open on one desktop so as to immediately respond the mails in the inbox.

How to go multi-desktop

The first and the foremost step is to down the sysinternals desktops v2.0 from the website of Microsoft’s TechNet. This will download a zip file, all the files in the folder need to be extracted and out of that EXE file should be double clicked to start the program. It is recommended that before starting with the programming process, the EXE file should be stashed either in Document of any other privacy folder. The reason behind this is that system asks for EXE file whenever it is required to start up the program.

After this a prompt will appear asking the user to select the hotkeys that will be required to switch between the desktops. For people who do not want to give any password or key to different desktops can simply click on the desktops icon for making the desired selection. In the same window it is also advised to select the run option so that desktops automatically fires up on every boot the system undergo.

Standard Mac and Linux systems support maximum four desktops, whereas, windows 10 can support unlimited desktops. This is all about the installation of multiple desktops. Always remember this is a basic programming technique, this is not supported by any animation to show switch from one desktop to another. Also, can not simply select and drag one desktop over the other. Once the system is shut down, the program will not store or keep any record of what all things were opened on the desktop.

After the installation is done making switch from one desktop to another may seem a bit slow. This will happen for the first few uses, once the system become use to it then switching between the desktops will become very smooth.

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