How to install two or more operating systems on one PC

Are you looking for some and easy simple methods that help you to install more than one operating system on PC? Well, this post can help you out! Do give this post a read and know more about it!


  • In the very first step, you have to create an image backup in order to protect your system. You can create an image backup in any way. You can use Windows own tools for creating backup and if you wish you can use third party backup program a swell. Before creating any backup, do not go for any process or do not follow any instructions. Once, you create backup then only you can go further.
  • Once you created the backup properly, it’s the time to do partition of the hard drive. Create a partition on the drive with utmost care and safety.
  • While preparing for the partition, boot your pc for the flash drive or from the Windows8 DVD.
  • Once you do so, a window installation wizard appears on the screen. Basically, there are two questions that need to be answered by you, so keep an eye on those two questions and focus your attention for answering those questions. The two that should be answered by you are as follows:
  • Which type of installation do you really want? Well, this is the very first questions that should be answered by you. It is a very important question and should be answered in a proper way. The best thing that you can do for this question is to Select Custom Install Windows.
  • In which place do you want to install Windows? This is the second and again the most important question that should also be answered in a proper and effective way. If this question is not answered properly, it affects the entire procedure of installing the operating system on your PC. Well, the best answer for this question is to selecting the partition, which is recently created by you.
  • After answering both these questions, as both the questions affect the process of dual boot up to a great extent. You have to make other choices as well. You can select everything else of your choice. There is no restriction at all, as all the remaining questions do not affect the process of installation to a great extent.
  • Once the installation process is over, allow your PC to boot that will bring you to menu. From menu, you have to choose operating system of your choice.

With this, the process of installing more than one operating system on your PC is over. If you find this method long as well as complicated then there may be another option for you!

In this option, you are not required to make any new partition of the hard drive. You just install a simple virtual machine program and then install the new OS inside the virtual machine program. The best part of this option is that it does not affect the main environment as with the above methods. But, this method also encounters some kind of problems.

So, decide by yourself which option you find the most appropriate, go with that option and install more than one operating system in your PC!

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