Use These Shortcuts for saving time while you are Multitasking !!

All of us are multitasking on the smartphones, trying to do many tasks at the same time. But switching from one app to another every time can be a little tedious and time consuming, so if you know certain shortcuts so that app switching is done in less time and work would be done much faster. Some of these short cuts are available to all Android users, but some can only be used if you have the latest Marshmallow version on your smart phone.


  1. Camera App Launching (this short cut is only available to the marshmallow version): At the bottom right corner of the lock screen of your Android smart phone you will find a camera short cut. So that you can take a snap even if the phone is locked.For the Marshmallow users, they can just double click the power button and the camera app will be launched.
  2. Activate Do Not Disturb mode (only for marshmallow version): If your device is on the marshmallow version then you can activate the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone by using this shortcut. If you press the volume down button on your phone and hold it, the Do Not Disturb mode will be activated.
  3. Refresh a webpage in chrome: If you want to refresh the webpage in Chrome, then tugging down the page is the short cut for it. Once the page is tugged down, you will see the Refresh icon which will be spinning just under the tool bar.
  4. Ok Google Anywhere: For using this short cut you have to change the settings on your device. The Google App have to be opened and then you have to click’ Setting’ then click on ‘Voice’ and again click on’ Ok Google’ Detection. This means you can give voice commands even if the phone is in locked mode.
  5. Activate “Now on Top”: If you want to organize your tasks or work threads, then you just have to press the home button and hold. Once you do that, you will see the display” Nowon Top” which will offer you all the necessary information.
  6. Taking A Screenshot: there are 2 ways to take a screenshot on Android phone. First way is to hold the volume down button and power button together till the snap is taken. You can also use the “Now on Top” display and click on share button and the screen shot will be taken.
  7. App Information and Settings: You can get all the information about an App and its settings by tapping and holding on the icon of the App and sliding it up to the top of the screen. When you release the button, all the information regarding the App will be on your screen.
  8. Tap on the photo of your contact: This is an old short cut in Android devices. You just have to tap on the photo of the contact and you will see all the ways to contact them.
  9. Use Readymade message to reply a call: if you are busy or in a meeting and therefore cannot receive a call, then just swipe up the screen and select any of the ready messages. The selected message will be automatically sent to the caller.
  10. Get the date information: if you tap and hold on the notification bar, you will be able to see the date, day of the week and the month on the screen of your phone.

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