Simple and easy Chromebook shortcut keys to enhance productivity


Typing through Desktop or laptop is time consuming and hectic. Typing on laptops or desktops is necessary for many reasons. To faster the typing process it is important to know Chromebook keyboard shortcuts. Knowing the shortcuts key will increase the typing speed and this way you can minimize your work time to greater extend. It is important if you are able to learn the Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts as it will helps you in getting your typing work done in minimum time possible. 20 most common and important Chromebook keyboard shortcuts are stated below:

  1. The first shortcut which will help you to pulls up a large keyboard that shows where all of the shortcuts are. Control + Alt +?
  2. Then if you want to Toggle on/off the Caps Lock with capitalizes every letter, this shortcut will help you to type out a long acronym or yell at somebody on the Internet would be Alt + search button.
  3. To lock the screen you have to press Control + Shift + L, this shortcut will keep everyone out when you want to take some break from work.
  4. One shortcut will allow you to launch apps from the shelf, for this you have to press Alt + 1 – 8.
  5. When you want to activate a specific tab, that time you have to press Control + 1 – 8, this will works similarly with the dock when you shifting over to a specific tab.
  6. To open the task manger you have to press Shift + Esc, this will open the task manager within one second. To speed up your work this is one great shortcut.
  7. Opening up the file manager is again one important task and faster this process you have to remember Alt + Shift + M access your offline files.
  8. When you want to dock a window that time you have to remember the shortcut Alt + [– or Alt +] this will dock a window to the left or right side of the screen.
  9. To take screen short in seconds then Control + Switcher key will help you the best.
  10. If you have to open Chrome browser menu again and again then you have to press Alt + E.
  11. When you want to Log out of your Chromebook then press Control + Shift + Q.
  12. Now to have Mirror the monitor: you have to press Control + Monitor button which will show your screen contents to a connected monitor immediately.
  13. Page up is important function and to do it fast you can press Alt + Up to get back to the top.
  14. Page down is again important function for it and Alt + Down will provide faster scroll through a webpage.
  15. To close your current tab you have to press Ctrl + W closes the current tab you’re working on.
  16. To open the hotdog menu in chrome is not hard but having shortcut would make it easy and open it through shortcut key, you have to type Alt+e.
  17. To save file you can press Ctrl + S and you can save everything in faster and comfortable way.
  18. To copy some text you have drag through the text you want to copy the press Ctrl + C and the text will get copied.
  19. To paste the copied content you have to pres Ctrl + V and you can easily paste the content.
  20. To select complete page then you need not to drag it, you just need to press Ctrl + A.

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