How to navigate everything with your keyboard?

How to navigate everything with your keyboard?

The keyboard is one of the most important components of your desktop or laptop. Even if your mouse is not working, you can still operate the computer and accomplish all the tasks through the keyboard shortcuts. Also, the keyboard shortcuts help in improving your productivity as more amount of work can be done in less time. So if you are familiar with the keyboard functions, it will be very easy to perform the work even without the mouse or when it’s not working.


Let us explore more about the keyboard functions.

How to open a desktop program?

To open or run any program on the desktop, you can perform the following steps.

Step 1 – Press the Tab key to control the desktop icons

Step 2 – The Tab key will help you to select the desktop icons, anything from the taskbar and Start button

Step 3 – Once you are on the desktop, you can also use the arrow keys to move from one icon to another.

Step4 – Press Enter key when the icon is highlighted to Run the selected program.

Step 5- Sometimes the Tab key has to be pressed several times to navigate through desktop programs

How to move between programs and windows?

Step 1 – Press ALT and Tab key together.

Step 2 – All the programs open on your desktop will come before you

Step 3 – Any program can be selected by pressing Tab key with ALT key allowing to switch among the applications

Step 4 – Select the program and leave the ALT key to switch to the selected program

How to move through the text?

The keyboard shortcuts are very helpful in editing as well as modifying the text files in an easy manner.

Arrow keys – With the help of the Arrow keys, you can move up, down, left and right as per your choice. Accordingly the modifications can be made.

Shift key – The Shift and Arrow keys are used in combination to select the text. With the left and right keys, you can select the text in the respective direction while the up and down keys are used to select any particular line according to the direction.

CTRL keys – CTRL keys are also used in combination with the Arrow keys to move through the document quickly. By selecting the arrow keys, you can move the cursor in the selected direction.

How to close, minimize and maximize the windows?    

This is pretty easy if you use the keyboard shortcuts.

Minimize the window

Step 1 – Press ALT and space bar together

Step 2 – On the upper left hand corner, you will a menu

Step 3 – Select “minimize” and press Enter

Close the window

Step 1 – Press CTRL and F4 key together to close the current open window.


Step 1 – Press ALT and space-bar key together

Step 2 – Select the “close” icon from the menu

Step 3 – Press enter

Maximize the window

Step 1 – Hold the ALT and space-bar key simultaneously

Step 2 – The menu will pop on the left hand corner

Step 3 – Select “maximize” from it

Step 4 – Press Enter

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