Unblock EZTV Torrent | EZTV Proxy, Mirror & Alternatives (Guide)

If EZTV is banned in your country by your ISP, and you are looking for some secured way to reopen it, then you have come just to the right place.

Mostly, when a torrent site goes into the quarantine of restriction, the moment you access it, the tracking website and governmental hackers will track you down locating your IP address with the help of your regional ISP.

And needless to say, once you are spotted using a website which is restricted by the Government, you are going to be in a hell lot of troubles.

Thus to open banned sites like EZTV, you need to take some preliminary precautious measures.

In this guide, I am going to demonstrate 3 effective ways to unblock EZTV with 100+ guarantee and security.

Let’s begin…

Solution #1: Unblock EZTV using VPN

Unblocking a banned site with the help of a VPN is the most secure and fastest ways of all.

If you are new to using a VPN and know nothing about it, let me give you a brief idea of what it is.

You can just suppose that when you access a restricted website with a VPN, your real IP address gets hidden and no log history or any other footprints of your activity is left behind. So in short, you are anonymous now and safe.

How does a VPN work?

VPN, which commonly stands for Virtual Private Network, is a private network cautiously tunneled over a public network to connect remote users.

It uses virtual connections to route your way through the internet from the business’s private network. Anyone who intercepts your data encrypted by VPN cannot read it so it ensures your security as well.

Now here we will introduce you to certain paid VPN services which you can use to unblock EZTV.

#1: NordVPN

Under the top 5 best VPN solutions, NordVPN ranks very high on the list. It can unblock any website, especially the torrent sites. Today, due to its fantastic security and privacy tools, millions of users click on the blue Quick button whenever they need online protection.

Key Features:

  • It never stores any browsing history or activity logs.
  • Blocks ads, malware, viruses.
  • You can use 6 devices under one account subscription at the same time.
  • Live chat support is available for 24X7.
  • Unlock all restricted sites like Netflix, Hulu, NHL, etc with maximum speed.
  • You can use it on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS platforms.
  • Uses Military-grade encryption which is AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256-bit keys.
  • You can try NordVPN for free for 7 days. Therefore, you can go ahead and try it today!
  • Pricing: $2.99 per month. (Click here to redeem 75% special Discount Today)
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.

#2: Proton VPN

Proton VPN is an excellent choice to secure your internet exploration, especially when you try to access a blocked website. Though it is not suitable for online streaming, but yet it is very much effective in encrypting your internet connection.

Key Features:

  • Proton VPN avails a Vigilant mode that protects from any unsecured traffic in case your connection is not secured.
  • It offers you the closest tunnel option that can help you connect to the nearest country servers.
  • No browsing history or log is stored.
  • Encrypts your Wi-fi and internet connection.
  • The maximum number of servers from 30+ countries is available.
  • Start your 7 Days Free Trial Today.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.

#3: Zenmate VPN

Fastest Ways to Unblock Blocked YourBittorrent Site (2)

Zenmate offers both free and paid version services. Out of the two, only the premium version comes with the OpenVPN tunneling protocol. That’s why it is much more effective than the free version in securing your identity.

Key Features:

  • Uses 128-bit AES encryption.
  • Access any blocked site, including Netflix, NHL, torrent sites, etc.
  • Avails around 3000+ servers from 35+ countries.
  • Available on Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Amazon TV, and Fire TV stick.
  • It can run on 5 devices under one subscription.
  • 24×7 dedicated customer support is available.
  • Blocks Malware, Viruses, ads, Trojans.
  • You can get a free 7 day trial of Zenmate VPN to test the service.
  • Pricing: $1.75 per month only. (The most affordable VPN in the market)
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.

You can try out CybergGhost, and Express VPN services as well. They are equally efficient in unblocking restricted sites EZTV.

Solution #2: USE EZTV Proxy or Mirror Sites

There are lots of ways you can access a restricted site. Using a proxy or mirror site is one of them. It is cheaper than using a VPN.

The URL List for EZTV Proxy Site:






Solution #3: Alternatives to EZTV

Let’s just say the proxy sites are not working in your favor and the VPN solution is too costly for you. Then forget about EZTV torrent site. There are plenty of other torrent sites online. You can try any one of them to download your contents.

NOTE: But first make sure that the alternative torrent sites that you are going to use are not restricted by your ISP.

#1: Torrentz2

How to Access Blocked EZTV Torrent? (1)

After the Torrentz was shut down, Torrentz2 was launched in the year 2016. It comprises one of the biggest torrent databases all over the internet, featuring movies, TV series, software, games, applications, etc. with an average download speed of 1.9MB/s

#2: iDope

How to Access Blocked EZTV Torrent? (2)

Although iDope is pretty new in the list of best torrent sites, yet it has worked it’s way out for fame. With a database of over 18 million torrents, it features a clean UI and also has a version to use on Smartphones as well. It streams movies, documentaries, cartoon, anime, etc with a download speed of 3.7MB/s

#3: 1337X

How to Access Blocked EZTV Torrent? (3)

Established in the year 2007, 1337X has been in popularity for 11 long years. It offers torrent files as well as magnet links. It is available with around 2375000+ torrents and magnet links. Files can be downloaded with an average speed of 686.3KB/s


Out of the 3 solutions, I recommend personally, prefer VPN solutions. They are the most secure platform to unblock restricted sites like EZTV here.

But still, if you have doubts at any step while accessing the EZTV, better not go for it.

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