Unblock YTS.AM Torrent in 3 Simple Ways

YTS.AM is verily famous for high-quality YIFY torrents. Especially it is optimized in such a way that the file size as small as possible for 720P or 1080P quality videos.

This helps users in rural areas with metered internet connectivity to even download the best quality files.

But unfortunately, YTS.AM becomes unavailable periodically due to reasons unknown to most of the users.

In many countries, it might be completely banned or restricted by the government or ISP. Thus if you wish to reclaim the authority again to download YIFY torrent files, you need to know how to access the site without getting into any legal troubles.

And this is what the article will do here. It will help you with certain tricks that will make anonymous while accessing the blocked YTS.AM torrent site.

Keep reading to know how to do that.

Solution #1: Use VPN Solution

Before I begin to tell you what it is and how it works, I must admit that using a VPN is the safest of all tricks to access a legally restricted site.

Now comes to the real detail part. VPN is a secretly bypassed private network over a public network. Shortly stands for Virtual Private Network, it uses Virtual connection to route your device through a network where your real identity that is the IP address along with the subnet mask also remain completely hidden.

It is done so precariously by the software that even the vicious tracking sites cannot track you down.

Here is some list of all-time tried VPN solutions. Read the details and then choose one according to your need.

#1: CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN is equally recommended by computer experts for secured access to restricted regions of the internet.

Key Features:

  • Unblocks all sorts of websites, like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO and especially the torrent sites.
  • It has a global average speed of 64MB/s.
  • It is compatible with Android, Amazon TV, Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.
  • Provides great server network of 3000+ servers from 59+ countries.
  • All dedicated customer support is available.
  • No logs policy.
  • Prevents malware, ads, adware, and viruses automatically.
  • It comes with unlimited bandwidth.
  • You can run it on 7 different devices under one account subscription.
  • You can try CyberGhost for 45 days with a money-back guarantee and test their service.
  • Pricing: $2.75 per month only. (Click here to redeem 79% special Discount Today)
  • 45 days money back guarantee.

#2: NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most reputed and commonly preferred VPN solutions. With Fast server speed, no-log policy, and powerful encryption it has ranked high on the list of top 15 best VPN services.

Key Features:

  • Encrypts internet connection and Wi-fi with an unbreakable encryption algorithm.
  • Blocks ads, malware, viruses.
  • No activity logs or browsing history is stored.
  • Hides your IP and makes you completely hidden from tracking websites.
  • Runs on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.
  • You can connect it to 6 devices at the most under one subscription.
  • 24×7 live chat support for the customer is available.
  • Unblocks all kinds of sites, including Netflix, Hulu, NHL, torrent sites with maximum speed.
  • You can try NordVPN for free for 7 days. Therefore, you can go ahead and try it today!
  • Pricing: $2.99 per month. (Click here to redeem 75% special Discount Today)
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.

Other VPNs that can unblock Kickass Torrents or any other torrenting website are –

  1. Express VPN ( Get a free 7 Days Trial)
  2. Proton VPN ( Get a free 3 Days Trial)
  3. Private Internet Access ( Get a free 7 days Trial)

All these too come paid. Few of the services come with the free version as well like that of Proton VPN, but the free versions do not offer the open tunneling protocol whereas the paid version does.

So it is better to prefer the paid version even if it requires loosening up the purse a bit.

Solution #2: YTS.AM Proxy or Mirror Sites

Proxy or mirror sites are the replications of the original website. It contains all the same torrent files like that of the real site, but it works separately. So there is no issue of restrictions.

The URL list of YTS.AM proxy sites are given below:








Solution #3: Alternatives to YTS.AM

In case, you don’t want to invest extra bucks for the VPN services, and the proxy sites are not working properly. Then trying out alternative torrent sites is the best option to heed.


Unblock YTS.AM Torrent in 3 Simple Ways (1)

Established in the year 2008, it features movies, music, documentaries, games, software, etc.

It streams both torrent files with an estimate of 811000+ and magnet links. It has an average download speed of 1.3MB/s

#2: TorrentsGroup

Unblock YTS.AM Torrent in 3 Simple Ways (2)

The website was started in the year 2016 and hosts over 225000 torrent files along with magnet links. It streams contents in the format of movies, games, videos, music, ebooks, documentaries, etc.

It has a global download speed of 5.5MB/s

#3: EZTV

Unblock YTS.AM Torrent in 3 Simple Ways (3)

If you are an avid torrentor then you would know that EZTV is a very popular torrent distribution site which was founded in 2005.

It is claimed to have a new team of operating members, reportedly known as EZTV.AG. It avails the usual contents of high-quality videos, software, applications, games, music, etc.


Hopefully, the article proves to be helpful to you to access blocked YTS.AM. In my personal opinion, prefer the VPN solutions even if it costs you to some extent. Paying a little is a better option than to pay heavily for a legal acquisition. Isn’t it?

For more details, read the VPN solution article on our website and other corresponding articles regarding restricted torrent sites.

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