3 Fastest Ways to Unblock Blocked YourBittorrent Site (Guide)

Are you desperately looking for solutions to get your Yourbittorrent site back to operation?

You have come just to the right place, know it for certain.

Torrenting files with seeding algorithm have been in trend for the last few decades. Many torrent sites have been put up and shut down after a brief interval of activity due to several unknown reasons. YourBittorrent is one of them. It was initially popular for its high quality verified torrent files, but it got separated from mybittorrent in the year 2003.

Now in many westerns and European countries, governmental policies don’t allow random free file distribution sites like Youbittorent to remain in operation. Sometimes, illegal uploading of certain pirated files paves the way to the cause of their shut down.

On such occasions accessing torrent sites like YourBittorent is a blunder. The moment you start to access the site your ISP or Govt. henchmen will track you down for surfing a restricted website. Needless to say, what will follow you afterward is a series of legal damnation.

So does that mean you will never be able to use YourBittorrent to grab all the fantastic uploaded files, like web series, games, movies, music tracks, software, etc?

Well, I didn’t say that in particular. Surely you can access them, but first, you need to take some preliminary safety measures to save yourself from uninvited legal upheavals.

And this is what the article here will guide you through. We are going to use VPN, proxy or mirror sites and other alternatives in case the solution do no suit you.

So let’s not waste time in small talk, and start the real discussion.

Solution #1: Use a VPN to Access YourBittorrent Website

Using a VPN service to access a restricted website is highly recommended by all computer and network experts. It provides you a safer private network on which your identity, which is your IP address remains hidden to the radar of your ISP. In addition to hiding your identity, it also ensures that no history logs are stored in your device.

So this is what we need exactly, to hide out to whatever extent we can as long as we are downloading files from YourBittorrent.

There are plenty of authentic VPN services available online. Most of them are paid for sure. Here we will discuss a few such paid VPN services. All that you need to do is to download them online, install them on your device, and use it to access the blocked YourBittorrent site.

The VPN will automatically unblock the site without your knowledge.

#1: CyberGhost

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CyberGhost is undoubtedly one of the most popular VPN for its phenomenal services like torrenting, and streaming Hulu, Netflix, NFL, watching anime, movies, and unblocking regional websites without any ads.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Smart TVs.
  • Browsing history and logs are not stored.
  • Blocks all kinds of ads, malware, viruses, Trojans, etc.
  • Access of 3000+ servers from around 60+ different countries is available.
  • Offers 45 days of free trial with a money-back guarantee.
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth.
  • Bypass any kind of restriction with the highest speed.
  • You can try CyberGhost for 45 days with a money back guarantee and test their service.
  • Pricing: $2.75 per month only. (Click here to redeem 79% special Discount Today)
  • 45 days money back guarantee.

#2: ZenMate VPN

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ZenMate VPN is very much affordable to users and comes with the no-log policy. With 100% advanced security, it provides you guaranteed encryption of internet connection.

Key Features:

  • It runs on Windows, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV stick, etc.
  • It can secure up to 5 devices at the same time with just a single click.
  • Blocks all types of ads, spyware, and trackers.
  • From more than 35 countries 3000 servers are available.
  • 24X7 support is available.
  • Offers 7 days free trial with a complete money-back guarantee.
  • No browsing history or logs are stored.
  • Best VPN for optimized streaming and torrenting.
  • Securely encrypts internet connection and Wi-fi.
  • You can get a free 7 day trial of Zenmate VPN to test the service.
  • Pricing: $1.75 per month only. (The most affordable VPN in the market)
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.

Other VPNs that can unblock YourBitTorrent or any other torrenting website are –

  1. ZenMate ( Get a free 7 Days Trial)
  2. Express VPN ( Get a free 3 Days Trial)
  3. Private Internet Access ( Get a free 7 days Trial)
  4. Proton VPN ( Get a free 7 Days Trial)

Solution #2: YourBittorrent Proxy or Mirror Sites

If you don’t want to pay for the VPN services then using a proxy or mirrored site of the original website is still a reasonable alternative. Mirror or proxy sites are the multiple versions of the same real site. It works separately but does contain all the data and files of the original website.

We have given you a list of YourBittorrent proxy or mirror site. Try each one of them to check out which one works for you the best:

URL List:








https://www.yourbittorrent.club/(Official Proxy)



If the Proxy sites do not seem to work satisfactorily, well you can adopt some other alternative torrent website.

Alternatives to YourBittorrent

#1: The Pirate Bay

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It is known as the world’s most resilient BitTorrent site. It has turned 15 years old last year and is still the oldest ranking high in the top most popular list of torrent sites.

Though due to certain frequent downtimes, it is ranking third in the list of torrenting sites, but yet, it streams all kinds of files, both old and new.

#2: YTS.AM

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It is the unofficial successor of defunct YTS or particularly YIFY group. The site collectively gathers third party files from various other websites and rebrands them. In spite of that, it is quite popular in the arena.


Fastest Ways to Unblock Blocked YourBittorrent Site (5)

Although it has been dropped two levels below in the ranking of the top most torrenting list, yet there is an uninterrupted flow of traffic daily. It was primarily founded in 2008 and is specialized for high-quality videos. The website operates under various domain names.

#4: Torrentz2

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Torrentz2 was introduced as the stand-in for the original Torrentz.eu website which was shut down back in the year 2016. Regardless of certain frequent issues like disappearances of torrent links according to official reports of last year, it is still in full operation.


So basically accessing a restricted site is not an issue, but browsing it without necessary safety precautions is a matter of concern. The article above has been wisely chiseled for your benefit with every single detail.

In case, you still don’t feel right about browsing Yourbittorent which you find inaccessible in your region, better not go for it.

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