How to save Windows Store apps to external storage in Windows 10

The recent update in Windows 10 by Microsoft is amazing. A lot of recent edits and changes in features make the solution perfect. How much convenient this is? If you go through the various features, then you will get that each feature is completely changed by the Microsoft to enhance the mindset of users according to the latest need. The apps and various programs make a user smart. The addition of many apps is beneficial to the people. But do you think that Windows Store apps can be stored in some External Storage in Windows 10?

Let us know some important steps to store the various apps.
•    The first step is to connect the external storage to the system and then go to Start menu. Now, select “Setting”, then “System”, then “Storage”. It can also be explained as Start>Setting> System>Storage.
•    Now, you can see the storage listed, which are connected. In the Save option you will get a drop down menu. Here, an option “new apps will save to” can be found and you should now select the exact external storage in which you need to save the external apps.
•    After proceed, you will get the last pop-up box, now must click on apply and you get the exact solution, you need to do with.
In case you don’t have any external storage attached to you system, at that stage Windows 10 will store into the internal storage automatically.
How windows function while you save an app to an external memory?
This is an excellent facility for the users, where they can safely work with the secondary storage just like the primary one in the PC. Now, you should store those apps which are important and you think its use may occupy a lot of space into the computer. The time when you select this external storage service for an app, then Windows 10 automatically create three different folders , in which the first folder indicates the profile name as “Windows App” where the app is going to installed. Another one is “WpSystem” and in this all related data gets stored. And the third one is the external storage where you are going to save an app. Encrypted data cannot be changed or coded in case you lose your external memory storage in which that app is saved. Moreover, in case of personal profile file, you cannot able to encrypt by any feature.
The flexibility provided by Windows 10 gives lots of nice choices to the users and they can easily enjoy the advantages. A number of services along with amazing features have made the Windows 10 special. What you want to make change is apps like you desire to save almost all apps into the external memory, and then you can do it. In case you face any difficulty, you can easily contact through online for the perfect solution you need. But, some updates done by the Microsoft makes the system handy. So, you can easily use it according to your requirement.

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