How to add any website to Windows 10’s Start menu

Windows 10 is one of the most accurate for the users to make their choices for their convenience. You cannot say that it is not profitable in any ways. It means you can do a lot in the Window 10 as the choices are many. A lot of apps as well as a lot of desktop features are provided here. If you need to go through some websites everyday, then it will be perfect for you to add these sites on your start menu. Are you shocking? Nothing is there to be shocked as Microsoft has generated many amazing features in this. Now, be confident about your need related to the windows and make the changes now.

How to add the websites as per your requirements in the start menu?

Do you need to add some websites on the start menu? This is very much simple for the windows 10 users. Open the window Microsoft edge and then click the page you desire to add. In the opened page you will get three dots placed horizontally on the top right corner. Now, you need to click on the page and then go to the option “Pin this page to Start”. After selecting this, you will get a pop-up window. Now, you have to select Confirm, if you are confirm to the condition and need to add that particular website to your start menu.


Addition of the website into the start menu in non edge way

How to add website in this way? Let us do. Open the internet browser like Internet explorer, and then navigate the website you desire to see in the start menu. Through non edge way, you just need to go with every step in a proper way. Now, you just require to do right click and needs to select an option “Create Shortcut”. Then, you can get a pop-up box that needs to confirm about “Create a desktop Shortcut”. When you get this option, then you should click on Yes.

What is the perfect step in case of Chrome and Fire Fox?

In case of Firefox and Chrome, you just need to click on the icon placed before http, and then drag or drop that to the desktop. Now, you will get an icon like a globe or something like a paper piece. Now, you need to copy that particular item, just by right clicking it. After that you click on the Cortana/search box and type “run”. After it gets opened, you have to type “Shell : Program”. Now, click on OK. You will get opened of the Explorer Window. At this time, right click in the window’s main part and now select the paste option.

Now, you will get the exact website on the start menu. This is not very tough, but you just require going through each step well. In case you do not concentrate on these steps, you will not get the exact result according to your need. Now, enjoy one of the amazing features of Windows 10.

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