How to turn on Windows 10’s Find My Device feature

Windows 10 from Microsoft has made a handy feature and added that in this November which is “find my device”. The important of this feature is to find out the last location of the device. Don’t be confused with the feature of Windows 10 as it is not applicable to any device like phone or your tablets. This is perfect only in case of windows 10 desktop and laptop. The steps are perfect to enable the option “Find My Device” as you will get it off by default.


How to turn on the find my device feature in Windows10?

This one will not affect your data and other function of the computer. But, you will just get the location that your computer knows. Get the step of turning on Find my device-

  1. To get start with this feature, you just need to click on Start, then click to Update and Security, and then you will get Find My device.
  2. Now, you will get a Change button and it can be seen under “Find My device is Off”.
  3. After changing that you will get a pop-up panel and there you will get “Save my devices location periodically”. There you see a slider, change it to the ‘On’ condition and you have completed the steps to grab the solution.
  4. The appearance of the screen gets changed and it is ON positions. You will get now “Find my device is on”.

The location of searching device will get stored in the one Drive or Cloud. The Microsoft gets the exact device through setting of master location as the map of the location indicates the device.

Now some important information that you should know to check everything is working properly or not, you can see a link on the pop-up box as If you want to know the things properly, then login with your Microsoft account into and then you will get your PC name listed under that.

What is the motto of this?

The main motto of this feature is to find out the stolen device that has window 10. Yes, this one is very much perfect for you as this one is very much handy. Moreover, it can also help you as the feature rings, locks and erases and moreover, it shows the phone on Map.

Now, the people get confused as many people think that Microsoft has evolved this feature for phones and tablets and they can easily operate it. But, this is impossible for those devices that do not get Microsoft window’s support. Now, get the best and the perfect meaning of how to turn on Windows 10’s Find My Device feature through the PC and Laptop.

This perfect feature has been developed by Microsoft, but it is also true that you will only get the device location if the device will be online. So, you can easily utilize this excellent feature in an emergency, but your each step must be perfect and in order to get the exact outcome.

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  • December 18, 2015 at 10:30 am

    Very handy information.It’s very useful to find out stolen device with windows 10.Thank you for sharing this useful tutorial.


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