Facebook app for Windows 8.1 Download


Facebook app for Windows 8.1 Download

Recently Microsoft launched the new version of Windows that is Windows 8.1 and also introduced a special Facebook app which was specially made for the Windows only. The app became very popular among the people because many users downloaded it and enjoy a new Facebook experience. A few days back an update was made in the app and introduced many features which are given below:-

  • Set a cover photo for your Facebook account
  • Upload pictures to an album
  • Enable tagging
  • Secondary tile feature
  • Better live tiles
  • Set any profile picture and use it as a Windows account photo as well
  • This version fixed a number of errors

How to download and install the new Facebook app for Windows 8.1?


In order to enjoy the new Facebook app on your Windows device, you will have to first download it. Only then you will be able to run the app and use it. Here is a step by step process to install the new Facebook app.

Step 1 – Visit the Windows Store to download the Facebook app.

Step 2 – Apart from the Windows store, you can even download this app from any other genuine websites as well.

Step 3 – When you find the app, you will get the option”download”, click on it

Step 4 – As soon as you click, the app will start downloading and you can see the wizard

Step 5 – In a couple of minutes, the application will be downloaded and now you need to install it

Step 6 – The installation process is quite simple, therefore you just have to follow the instructions and the app will be installed

Step 7 – A shortcut will be created in your device and you can launch the app now

Step 8 – Once the app is launched, you will be able to explore a new experience of using the Facebook with better and improved features coming your way

There is not much difference in the new version of the app except the slight changes that have made the app really superb. If you are looking for a wonderful experience of using Facebook then this is the best app that you can go for. By following the above steps, you will easily download the app and install the same in your devices. The process is pretty simple and the users will surely be able to install the app with the above given procedure.

There are lots of people who have downloaded this new app and are really happy with its updated version. The new version has not only additional features but it offers a different kind of experience that the people were looking for. So if you are using the Windows mobile, then upgrade it to the latest version of Windows 8.1 so that you are able to enjoy the new Facebook app which is particularly made for the Windows phone only. So follow the above procedure to download this app and enjoy the new appealing features of Facebook which will surely grab your attention.

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