Chrome Extension to Change Facebook Theme


Chrome Extension to Change Facebook Theme

The Chrome Extensions are the new feature that has made the people crazy. It is because with these extensions you can easily change the Facebook theme and add a new feel to your Facebook account. It is pretty easy as well as exciting and you will definitely enjoy the new look. In this way, you will be able to customize your Facebook account with the unlimited themes that are made available through the Chrome extensions. This is a new feature which has been introduced to personalize the Facebook accounts and provide a better experience to the people. If you are bored with the existing look of your Facebook, these extensions will certainly bring a huge difference.


In order to change the theme of the Facebook account, follow the steps which are given below. So let us start with the process.

Step 1 – Visit the Chrome Web Store where you will find the Facebook Theme Extensions. Download and install the extensions.

Step 2 – The extensions can be installed by clicking on the “Add to Chrome button” which appears on the right hand side of the web page.

Step 3 –A few seconds will be consumed in downloading the extension. Now search for the option “Customize and control Google Chrome”. The extensions are available in the Tools section of Google Chrome.

Step 4 – Lots of extensions will get installed on your browser so search for the “Facebook theme” extension and click on Options

Step 5 – After you have clicked on Options, you need to tap on Explore and a number of Facebook themes will be opened before you.

Step 6 – As per your preference, you can select any of the themes which you like the most and install them. You can also check the installed tab to ensure whether the theme is properly installed or not.

Step 7 – Now go to your Facebook account and see the new look that comes before you.

In case you want to change the theme, you can follow the same process and add a new theme to your Facebook account. You can even revert back to the old look of Facebook if you do not like the themes. So using the above steps, you will definitely be able to install a fresh Facebook theme and that too in a very easy way.

In total, there are 12 themes which the users can explore on the Chrome Web Store. So have a look at all the options so that you are able to give the desired feel to your Facebook account. The above steps are very easy and if you follow them correctly, you will certainly be able to reach your target. There is nothing much to be done to change the theme but just follow the steps one by one and finally your Facebook theme will get changed in no time. So explore a better and more beautiful look of your Facebook account with the new Chrome extensions that are easy to install. Hope the steps lead you in the right direction.


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