Trick to Drag Your Facebook Chatbox anywhere.


Guys We Know Facebook Chatbox has its Fixed Position . But Today We Will Learn To Drag Your Facebook Chatbox anywhere On The Screen, 

This is an Awesome Facebook Trick which you willl Like to Perform and Show Your Friends.

We will Use Just 1 Google Chrome Extention Which Will not only enable you to Drag you Chatbox Everwhere but you will also Experience Increase in the Size of your chatbox.

Let us See How it Is Done:

Step 1: First of all Click here To Add Pretty Facebook Chat  Extention To your Chrome Browser

Step 2: Click on Add to Chrome then you will be asked to Confirm New Extetion, So click on Add Button.

Step 3:The Extention will Start Downloading, Once Downloaded , Just Open Your Facebook and See Your Chatbox. Now You can drag it anywhere on the screen and also the Size of the Chatbox will increase.

Note: If you Want To Revert Changes then just Goto Setting > Tools > Extentions and Disable the Extention. Or You Can Delete it if you think You Will not Use it again.

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