Some Special Google Searches which Shows Instant Results.


Hi all, Today we will Talk about some Special Google Searches That Shows You Results/Answers Very Fast. Google search Engine Not Only Shows You The List of Usefull Websites Of Your Interest but Also provides You Quick and Instant Result For Some Special Search.

Let Us See Some Special Google Searches.


One Can Use Google As Calculator, All you have to Do is type Some Calculations in search box and Enter, you will get a Quick and Instant Answer.
You can Use Google as calculator like you use on your Desktop and Mobiles.

2.Currency Conversion:

Google Can even do Currency Conversions for you. Refer the below pic,How i have Converted 10 USD to Indian Rs.. You can Also type Usd to Rs to see the exchange rate of Both Currency
You can Do any Changes Accordingly.


If you want to know about the weather Condition in Specific Location, Then Just make use of Google. If i want to know the weather in Mumbai then i will Search in This manner > Weather Mumbai.

4.Unit Conversion:

Use Google To Convert Between Varieties of Units. You have to Search In This Manner > 30 Degrees C to F .
Same as Calculator, Unit Converter is Editable and Clickable .

5. Find Your IP address:

Google will Provide You Your IP address very quickly. Just Search for ” What is my Ip” or ” My Ip “.You will Get Your Ip in Just a Couple Of Seconds.

6. Time.

If you want to Know The Current Time Of any Location, Then Google will make Your Work a lot more easy. Just type ” Time Location “, For Example ” Time London ” Google will Find The Time In London Very Quickly For this Special Search.


No Doubt Google Can Find Defination of a Particular Word . To view the Dictionary Defination for word Just type ” Define Word “, Google will Give you instant Result With the Defination of ” Word ” also you can hear it .

8. Population:

Search Population Of any Country, state or City with Google Very quicky.
Just type ” Population City/state/country “

9. Sunrise and Sunset :

Check Sunrise or Sunset Time For any location through Google with Instant and Quick Results.
Just type ” Sunrise Location” or “Sunset Location “
If you dont type Location and just type Sunrise or Sunset then Google will show you Info For your Current Location.

So This was The List Of Some Special Google Searches To Get instant and Quick Results.

You can add more In Comments.

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