Protocol to enable “find my Device Feature “on Windows 10 Platform


Microsoft’s first major Windows 10 or Threshold 2(TH2) update debuted in the month of November 2015. Refurbishment nailed ample scale of snag along with brought in bunch of cool new features to the operating system. Amazingly, find my feature device is one of them, as entitle itself clarifies an aid to site your laptop, tablets or ultra-book if stolen or lost anytime, anywhere. It’s pretty informal to lose Smartphone’s but what about your laptop or ultra-book? Sounds weird! In most versions of windows you have to reconcile for a third party app to trust along with track your laptop location, but Microsoft intent to add this functionality straight into windows 10.


Master Theme:

Upgrading in the technology enabled users to track their device. Find my feature is actually a fantastic security feature. When turned ON, periodically saves device last location in your Microsoft account and you make yourself updated via location map by signing-in your account. Although, not obviously useful for desktop computers, but fruitful for laptop including tablets users. Internet works as heart of this fantastic feature. It’s bottom-line docking online to enable location tracking. However, this feature is turned off by default. No doubt Microsoft deserves huge round of applause.

Steps to turn on, find my device feature:

Note 1: find my device is only accessible to users signing-in to Windows 10 with Microsoft account.

Note 2: location tracking or location service must be turned on.

Domineering, user signing-in to Windows 10 operating platform via Microsoft account

Step 1: Firstly, toggle to setting app either by clicking its icon on start menu or using Windows + I hotkey.

Step 2: Choose update and settings.

Step 3: Find my device is buried under sub category update and settings.

Step 4: Opened dialog box will display high-lighted grey coloured change button under the title “find my device is off” as its             status.

Step 5: click once on change button > a pop-up panel will open, windows will as you if you wish to “save my device’s location periodically”, if yes then push the slider to ON. Successfully your find my device is enabled now.

Step 6: Now windows 10 will save your system last location periodically, as long as system connected with Wi-Fi connection or internet.

Step 7: to make sure everything is working perfectly, just follow the URL:, you see your PC listed under “your device”.

In case you unaware of your device name, right click on start button > select system rather toggle to control panel > once selected window will display your computer name.

Step 8: once punching necessary account credentials, all devices which are under your Microsoft account were listed. The page will display last seen time, date and location.

Step 9: to view exact location, click on find my device under the last seen status.

It will now display an approximate location of your system on Bing maps including zoom in and zoom out option.

Are you still operating an older version of windows, well it’s time to get on to the latest version of windows 10. After all its free of cost, isn’t it fabulous!

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